Days of summer

largeOn the slim offchance that you’re either living at a polar research station, or are just a little out of touch with what’s going on outside, i should perhaps mention that a large part of the western world is experiencing something of a heatwave. Here, in dear old Blighty, we’re so ill-prepared and unused to hot weather that you’d swear we were on the brink of a national disaster… rails are buckling, roads are melting and hospitals are filling up with plonkers who think it’s a good idea to go jogging when any sensible person is making a pleasantly person-shaped bolthole in the vegetable compartment of their fridge.

Wherever i go, i’m surrounded by people who, only last month, were bitterly complaining about the non-existent Summer and are now just as bitterly bewailing the fact that they’re far too hot to move. Awkward bunch, aren’t we?

Personally, i quite enjoy the heat, as long as i have some means of finding the occasional respite, preferably thanks to a cooling breeze or – failing that – the occasional refrigerated baby wipe, i’m perfectly happy… i’ve coped with far higher temperatures and humidity than this, and it doesn’t bother me.

lilac_001The best thing about the fine weather is the way in which it makes it an obligatory duty to get outdoors and enjoy the natural world – as a rule, i’m generally pretty hopeless at getting out and about: i can usually make excuses to stay indoors and then become incredibly frustrated and annoyed with myself at wasting opportunities by sitting at home, doing things that i really shouldn’t be getting bogged down with. A fine, sunny day though gets the old endorphins flowing and positively demands that i stop typing another blog post and do something much better for mind, body and soul instead. In fact, the hotter it gets indoors, the better… all the more reason to find a quiet, secluded, shady spot where i can lie on the grass and enjoy the sights, sounds and fragrances of the great outdoors.

lilac4_001Perhaps the reason that i don’t get out as much as i really should, (and really would like to), is that all the ‘necessary’ preparation simply gets me down. A typical scenario would be me cheerfully leaping out of bed – well, grumpily falling out is more likely – on a sunny weekend morning and deciding that ‘today’s the day’ i get out and make the most of the day. By the time i’ve dressed, showered, caught up on yesterday’s washing up, made some coffee, checked my emails, grabbed my recommended daily allowance of bloggage and moped about a bit, half the day has gone already. Then i have to go through the whole ‘where shall i go’ trauma, usually ending with nothing remotely helpful, at which point it’s probably game over. Even if i can come up a destination, by the time i’ve fussed about sorting out route, camera, food and put fuel in the car… well, you get the idea.

lilac5_001If only rl was as simple as sl, where all we have to do is login – of course, that’s just wishful thinking, and nothing can ever replace the real enjoyment of experiencing fresh air, the warmth of the sun and sound of real birdsong. Even so, to the frazzled soul, sl can provide a surprisingly effective and revitalising experience.

It’s been a long, hard and hot week – one of those which leaves you drained and in need of refreshment. Friday night, as always, was an opportunity to unwind and relax with friends, but i still felt the need for calmness and solitude, which i found in abundance at my sl home, at Nowhere Land. It’s odd how somewhere in sl with which we may be intimately familiar can still surprise and enthrall and, on this particular evening, it was magical. Something about the light, the surroundings, the sound and the mood all combined to come together and create the perfect Summer garden… somehow it felt more real than the real thing.

If i could have this, on demand, in the real world, i’d never leave.


s. x

And I’m stood here with my guitar and I begin to sing
While everybody else, is searching for a torch
I’m stood in the sunshine, there’s no way I’m getting bored
I’m sipping on a cocktail, I suck a strawberry split
I hold my glass up in the air, I said I love this shit
Mr Sunshine said to me, “When will you set me free?”
I said to him with a grin on my face “No you’re all for me”
Twisted Wheel – You Stole The Sun

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