Under wares

BHVzszECAAEO0t3_largeAnyone who is familiar with the forums and social networks that feed off sl will have come across that familiar old chestnut of sartorial SLetiquette… ‘Underwear, or not?’

I should say, right here and now, before some of you start scrolling feverishly down the page in the hope of finding some juicy piccies of me in my skimpies, don’t bother – you won’t find anything like that on this blog, i’m afraid. Sorry folks!

In the main, the popular vote seems to fall squarely within the ‘I can’t be bothered for everyday use, but when it comes to that ‘special occasion’… Ooh la la!’ camp. Indeed, unless you’re going to be getting your kit off in public, or are particularly prone to revealing wardrobe malfunctions, (or as i term it: your asset server goes down), there really is little reason not to go commando under most of the outfits that sit within our inventories – and i’m sure there’s little difference between the boys and the girls in that particular respect.

Let’s face it, hygiene and comfort are not an issue when inworld, neither is there any need to keep your bits and bobs in check (lads), or your sensitive parts nicely draught free and fresh (ladies). In practical terms, undies are frankly just dual purpose in sl… for modesty, and immodesty!

Those of us who gravitate towards prim skirts, especially of the flexi variety, (can’t you tell i’m not a fashion blogger?), will attest to the value of a sturdy pair of undercrackers for those embarrassing moments when your bottom decides to make a celebrity appearance through the fabric of your outerwear, not to mention the added sense of security they bring when surrounded by marauding Steven/Stephanie Spielbergs who think that having a camera at their disposal gives them a free licence to explore willy/wilma nilly! (Let’s not go down the route of glitch pants… instant frumpiness!) Then there’s upstairs: where a decent bit of underwired upholstery can be a welcome addition to one’s decolletage, particularly if you happen to possess a ‘normal’ body shape, which sl outfits have never been designed to fit. Yes, i know this is sl, and the whole point is to let it all hang out, and preferably pumped up, tangoed and wobblier than a frightened blancmange – but there are a few of us who would really like to keep our jiggly bits well out of harm’s way!

As for immodesty… well, there’s nothing like some ravishingly seductive lingerie to set the mood for a bit of ‘you know what’ – and that does not mean faded Y-fronts, gentlemen!

Completely naked!

Completely naked!

Practicalities aside, there are i’m sure, a few weirdos who – like me – have an almost pathological need to wear some sort of undercarriage beneath our superstructure. Yes, it’s true – i may well be wearing 14 layers of outer clothing, but without my granny pants on underneath i feel naked!

i can hear your mocking laughter cascading through the interstices of the interweb right now, but Yours Truly will not leave the house unless she is suitably attired both without, and within. In fact, i have a gargantuan stock of frillies of all shapes, sorts and sizes, which is quite bizarre because the chances of anybody actually seeing any of them – other than a glimpse of bra strap beneath a summer top, are infinitesimally tiny: how weird is that? (Then again, how weird am i, anyway?)

No doubt, there’s a deeply-rooted psychological reason behind it all, but i’m damned if i know what it is, (i live in fear that any psychiatrist should ever set eyes on this blog… i’d be sectioned before i could write another word!). So, until any better reason comes along, shall we just say i’m a bit bonkers? There, everything’s perfectly fine. 🙂

Anyway, in the interests of scientific endeavour, and maybe just a little voyeuristic tomfoolery, let’s see what everyone else thinks – cast your vote below!

s. x

I’d give my whole life to see it.
Just you stood there only in your underwear.
Pulp – Underwear

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2 Responses to Under wares

  1. As a man I don’t wear my bits until “Le Moment” arrives so underwear is a little pointless. I have silk boxers so can rise to any occasion. Not being au fait with layers they always end up on the outside. One club I visit has a penchant for topless men from time to time and, thus have I heard, had a session with topless women. This is no sleazy dive but a premier club. All good fun. There is something called a physic women wear that can make their bit jiggle but its a bit of a mystery to me. I am only a man.Underwear certainly provides a frisson and know dear Seren is wearing them gives rise to Imagination. I will never see her the same again….

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