Nothing is real, and nothing to get hung about

tumblr_mdy8icX6oc1qz4d4bo1_500_largeDrama – of the kind that tends to proliferate in sl and, for all i know, in rl too, (although i can’t be sure of it, since i’m a little out of whack with the real world at the moment) – amuses me. Mainly, i suppose, because i try never to allow myself to become embroiled in the stuff myself. If there’s even the vague possibility that the D-word is heading in my general direction, you’ll find me doing the digital equivalent of sticking my fingers in my ears, (although, coming to think of it that, in itself, is technically a digital activity!), and singing  “Lalalalalalaaa, i can’t hear you!” – usually this translates inworld as me appearing completely oblivious to what might be going on around me, and invariably changing the subject to something utterly unrelated, such as ‘they don’t make cheese like in the good old days…’

We all know there are those who thrive on taking insignificant matters to extremes, both in sl and rl, apparently because that’s what they get off on – i can understand that such attention-seeking can be instantly gratifying and fulfill a deep-seated need to be ‘someone’ – even if that particular someone’s most enduring quality is to be as distasteful as a scabby hemorrhoid, dangling from the devil’s bottom, after a particularly evil night overdoing the vindaloo. Frankly, at best it’s a bit sad, however there’s often a more insidious side to ‘drama’ that drags other – usually innocent parties – into the mire along with the perpetrator in ways that can often spill over into the world outside sl too. There seems to me to be a fair bit of that going on at the moment – and no, i’m not going to give examples; those at the sharp end really don’t need me stirring things up any more than they already are.

What so many drama queens/kings don’t seem to realise is just how small a fish they are in what is really an extraordinarily big pond, and of course, by their actions they simply make themselves appear even smaller to those who see them for what they are. Some years ago, at a convention i was attending, one of the keynote speakers made an observation that has remained with me ever since, which i’ll paraphrase for you…

“I was walking around the site earlier today, when some complete strangers recognised who I was… and I got quite excited about that, and – it has to be said – ever so slightly big-headed about it.

Then the thought came into my head: ‘Big Deal! So some random strangers recognised you at a specialist convention, in a small seaside town, somewhere in England. In the big scale of things, how exactly is that something to brag about?”

The bottom line is pretty simple… it doesn’t matter how important you think you are, or how much you think your opinions matter, when the only people who can be bothered to care are a tiny proportion of a smallish community that spend some of their time in a not-very-popular virtual world – a place where nothing is real or really exists at all, then you’re never going to be a big-shot, not by any stretch of the imagination. Up against the world in general, these saddos who think that they’re so important just disappear into the background noise.


The appropriate setting for drama

Personally speaking, i’ve no particular axe to grind on the subject – i’ve not been on the receiving end of any amateur dramatics for quite some time and, if anyone fancies trying their luck… knock yourself out guys: i fart in your general direction! So, you may ask, why this post?

No particular reason, other than to say i do happen to have an opinion on irritations about which i normally tend to remain silent; also, since i have friends, acquaintances and have seen fellow bloggers on the receiving end of such nonsense – all undeserved, i might add – i think it’s only fair to publicly have a dig at the real villains and tell it like it really is, from an observer’s perspective. The way i see it, if there are those who are not as creative, clever, or as popular as you – those whose only thrill in life is try and bring you down, then just remember that you are bigger, better and so much more worthwhile than their petty opinions and sordid wranglings… and like today’s news, or even this very blog post, it won’t be long before they are forgotten: the dust of meaninglessness, hoovered away in the ongoing spring clean of life.

Whilst you, my friends, will go on… to greater, and better things.

s. x

Tell me you feel nothing at all
Tell me your tears weren’t worth it
Matthew Pop – Lights Out

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  1. Becky says:

    Like. (Your blog has no like buttons, so I have to resort to leaving a comment!) 🙂

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