SLife… but not as we know it

worldThings have been a bit… well, different, since Rodvik took over. Weird enough to have a big cheese from the games industry taking on the role of world leader, but even weirder when the same sort of innovations and technology we were more used to seeing on the screen suddenly started making an appearance in everyday life.

Try as i might, i just can’t get used to all this new technology replacing the tried and tested old-fashioned methods of getting on with life. Even the things that we yearned to have for so long have turned out not to be the blessings we thought they might.

waterhead welcome area2_001Take teleporting for example – it’s not quite turned out as we expected and, whilst it is very nice being able to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’ in an instant, if you don’t happen to be at ‘A’ to begin with, the bus ride can be a bit a of a drag, as can the arrival at ‘B’, which invariably is somewhere you never wanted to be in the first place. i suppose it was a bit much to expect teleporting to be as simple as in sl, but none of us were really prepared for telehubs to make an appearance in reality. Still, i suppose it’s no different to going to the station for the train, or the airport to fly… it’s just not quite the fun we expected.

I say it’s no different, and not much fun – of course, it depends on your perspective: a whole subculture of ‘telespotters’ has grown up in recent years – those who congregate on boats, simply to poke fun at the poor unfortunates who get dumped, mid-teleport, over the ocean in the middle of nowhere.

Personally, i prefer to walk; i tried to get used to flying, but after a spate of injuries and truly dreadful landings, i gave up, and decided that if we were intended to fly, we’d have been given wings. Some enterprising souls have, inevitably developed clip-on wings for hopeless cases like myself, but i trust my feet, more than i trust anything for sale on the Marketplace, i’m afraid!

Speaking of market places, it can’t only be me for whom a routine shopping trip to the supermarket has turned into a dreadful ordeal? To begin with, there’s the crush of people arriving at the front door, all wildly milling around, standing on each other’s heads and blindly blundering about, waiting to get their bearings. Having escaped the initial fracas, there’s the joy of dodging sales assistants – or should that be ‘insistents’? – all determined to force flyers into your hands detailing the latest special offers, alternative store locations and upcoming events – it’s enough to put you off the shopping altogether. However, fortune favours the stupid, and i plough on, ducking and weaving past errant shopping trollies pathfinding their wanton paths along the aisles, as i gaze in puzzlement at the blurry displays of food, (i hope it’s food, anyway), along the way.

Even i will admit, that – in some ways – shopping has become somewhat better than in the good old days: how often could you go shopping pre-Rodvik and get things for free? Granted, the quality is a bit dubious, but c’mon… whole stores full of freebies! Guess what – last week i got a pound of sausages for nothing when my initials came up on the lucky freezer – it was almost worth getting frostbite on my bum! Checkout has become more simple too – gone are the days of having change leftover… i just wish there was money in the bank to pay for it all!

Invariably, as i leave the store, i cast a jealous look at the group clustered quietly at the entrance, lost to the world with Occulus Rifts clamped over their heads. Shopping is a breeze for them, as they flit virtually from home ‘n’ wear to deli counter, whilst us lesser mortals are condemned to trudging the aisles. One day, that’ll be me, just you wait and see!

bikes2_001Oh yes, putting Rodvik in charge has made life interesting… but it’s not all good: i used to have a lovely little cottage by the sea, surrounded by flowers and open parkland. Then Rod did away with taxes, and everything seemed perfect… until a month later when we realised that tier was due! Now, i live in a small plywood box, in a communal community – Sandbox Heights – when i look at my tiny square ‘home’, it’s not without irony that i reflect on Rod’s election campaign slogan: ‘It all starts with a cube’ – yeah right, seems to me like the end, more than the start.

And to think how we used to wish that the real world was more like Second Life!

s. x

But this is my world today 
My world your living in every day 
And this is my world today 
And I couldn’t have it any other way 
In my world 
Secret Affair – My World

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