pervertMost of you who’ve had the misfortune to know me will be under the impression that i’m fairly amenable, easy-going and friendly – which, by and large – is very much the case. However, there is a caveat: p*ss me off, and hell hath no fury!

It’s fair to say that most of the time i operate on a fairly low-key, even keel basis and many of the things that rile others simply pass me by, but there are a couple of things about which i will flip out, and occasionally in a dramatic and outspoken manner.

If you fit into the category of ‘utter dickwad’ and wish to invoke my ire, then be prepared to pay the consequences – and one of the best ways to do that is to intentionally invade my privacy.

i am an intensely private individual. Despite the fact that i may seem to spill my most personal thoughts in this blog, you will rarely be invited to learn any more about me, other than that which i choose to disclose – don’t be offended… it’s much the same in rl, where only a select few ever get the chance to invade my private space. To give you some idea of just how reclusive i am , i’ll give you an example – i have a landline phone; i’ve had it for well over three years, despite which, in all that time, i’ve given the number out to precisely nobody! In fact, i don’t even remember what my number is any more. You’re probably thinking i do all my communicating via my mobile – afraid not… in the last month, 6 texts (2 from T-mobile!), and 2 received calls; none outgoing! That’s how solitary and private i am – possibly too much, but it suits me fine.

Since i’m such a hermit in rl, you can imagine that sl, being my retreat and escape from all things worldly, is going to be a place where my privacy is something i guard to an insane degree – you’d be absolutely right. To this, you may also take into consideration the fact that i am ridiculously shy, (yes really), and – although i’m no prude – there are some facts of SLife that as far as i’m concerned, for me personally, should remain very much under wraps and are not for public consumption! To this end – as many people do – i have a changing room, high in the sky, and far from prying eyes which serves to protect my modesty when getting changed or – as was the case last night – i decide to have a marathon session of trying on new clothes.

Now, i accept that no matter where you are in sl, you are not immune to being spied upon, and i equally accept that sometimes it’s possible to unintentionally see something that is better kept behind closed doors – but my little retreat is well out of range of casual cammers, so it was with an exceptionally nasty shock that i suddenly realised i was being watched, and from very close quarters – so close, in fact, that the pervert’s cloak was actually flapping through the wall of my chambers! Here was someone who had gone out of their way to fly up to 4000 metres, then hover outside, purely for the titilation of seeing me unrobed.

Happy bunny, i was not!

Seldom before has an avatar been so swiftly ejected and banned.

Then, to add insult to injury, he messaged me:

[16:12]  Neberius: Well that wasn’t very nice… 😛

Excuse me? You’ve just invaded my privacy, to perve over me in the buff and then have the gall to accuse me of not being very nice, just because i kicked you off my land? Believe me, sunshine, in the same circumstances in rl, you’d now be attempting to excavate your sweetmeats from your chest cavity, such would be the force with which my boot connected with your gentleman’s danglies!

His impertinence earned him a muting – a remedy which i rarely invoke.

neberiusDid that stop him? Did it hell! He then spent the next 20 minutes trying to sneak his way back onto my land.

Enough was enough, so i’ve resorted to the ultimate retribution – public naming and shaming, (although i have disguised his picture – i’m not all mean… besides, i think the moustache and glasses are a definite improvement!). Why? Simply because the guy is a jerk and, pixels or not, i actually do feel violated, and that’s not something i want to feel in an environment that is supposed to be about fun and enjoyment.

What sort of person hangs around changing rooms, with an empty profile, other than their rl picture anyway? i’ll wager it’s the sort of person who thinks he’s God’s gift, has no problem with objectifying women, and is almost certainly going to end up with early arthritis in his wrists. So, Mr Beardy pervert, you can take your grotty, dirty beanie and equally dirty mind back to World of Wankcraft, or whatever virtual stone you crawled out from under, because i ain’t impressed.

And, if i find you hanging around my neighbourhood, with your pervecam on again, i’m gonna give you such a thrashing that you’d wish you’d never been rezzed!

Go ahead, punk… make my day!


Slightly miffed

s. x

Perverts in the sun
Perving everyone
Perverts in the sun
Perving everyone
Iggy Pop – Perverts In The Sun

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