Update: 18th September

holeMy writer’s mojo has not been at its most productive in recent weeks and it’s fair to say that my output has dropped somewhat – there are bits and pieces of this blog that have suffered more than others, which is just not good enough. Note to self: must try harder!

It has been quite some time since anything new has appeared on the Alt. life section, and it’s time i put that to rights. Since i know there are some fairly new readers who’ve had the misfortune to time their arrival to coincide with this rather lacklustre hiatus, i should explain that Alt. life is, in many weird ways, the other side of me: a side that is frequently dark, sometimes shocking and, occasionally, very freaky indeed. Whilst this main section of the blog is mainly about sl, Alt. life tends to be about very different worlds, many of which only exist in my head. It’s not for everyone… although having said that, today’s offering falls somewhat on the light-hearted side of dark – so it’s not all bad!

You have been warned – enter at own risk… Just A Hole In The Ground.

s. x

“Ha ha ha ha”
Bedtime For Robots – Guess Who This Is

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