3… is a magic number

babyThose lovely people at WordPress tell me this blog is now three years old, which strikes me as an excellent excuse to crack open a bottle of vino and grab a slice or two of cake… much the same as any other day then!

Although this particular blog has been around for three years, i’ve been blogging about sl since June 2010, and to be honest, nobody is more surprised than me to find that i’m still doing it. Indeed, a very high proportion of blogs fizzle out after just a few months, and having stuck at it this long, i can fully appreciate why that should be the case – but somehow, i’ve survived the course so far. When doing this kind of thing it’s inevitable that you do notice what’s going on in the wider blogosphere – i’ve seen other blogs come and go, and some even come back again, i’ve also seen established blogs fall silent, whilst others have sprung forth in a blaze of glory, only to fade out almost immediately. It’s a sobering feeling and i can’t help sometimes wondering whether circumstances might one day turn against me and the day will come when i pen my last words on these pages – who knows… life can be uncertain.

Over the time that i’ve been writing about sl – and to a much lesser extent, rl and the odd bit of entirely unrelated stuff – i’ve seen a lot of changes. i won’t go over any of them right now – you only need to read back through the months to see the sometimes turbulent times that sl has been through, and – maybe if you read between the lines – you’ll probably surmise that rl has occasionally been ‘interesting’ too. That, in itself, is a very good thing: the changing nature of sl, and the trials and tribulations that we all suffer as a result, provide a wealth of material to write about – without it, i’d struggle to fill these pages.

One thing that still manages to surprise me is not only the number of people who pop by to read these meanderings, but also who many of them are – some, bloggers in their own right, whom i admire and respect greatly… people who’ve been doing this sort of thing far longer than i, and whose writing and images are something that i aspire to, but i’m unlikely to ever match. It’s kinda humbling.

So, three years on and still going strong… and it’s great to know that you’re still calling in too. Thanks for your support and encouragement throughout – it’s much appreciated. As for the future, who knows? – Life is subject to change, but hopefully, i’ll still be going strong in another three year’s time.

pabloSpeaking of change, sl – like the real world – changes throughout the course of the year and, to my mind, we’re now entering into the most interesting part of the year.

October brings a veritable Halloween feast to many of the sl sims and although it’s a festival that pretty much passes me by completely in rl, when it comes to the virtual world, it’s a very different story – i’m all for it! To that end, from now until next month, may i extend a warm invitation to you to come and visit Pablo Fanque’s Fair – my own little contribution to the witching season. Come along and have your cards read, test your skill on the high wire and trapeze, and be careful the beasties and hobgoblins don’t spirit you away for disturbing their rest! i can recommend the big wheel – it practically gave me vertigo in mouselook!


Hope to see you there… and once again, thanks for the last three years – it’s been a whole lot of fun!

s. x

Having been some days in preparation
A splendid time is guaranteed for all
And tonight Mr. Kite is topping the bill
The Beatles – Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite

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2 Responses to 3… is a magic number

  1. in my humble opinion , lol, isn’t it about time you got your own domain and self host your blog? You did say at the end of last year that you would think about it “in the new year”. just sayin like…

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