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nothinghIt’s been a quiet month for the blog, exceptionally quiet in fact – digging through the archives, the numbers speak for themselves: this past month has witnessed the least number of posts for any month since the blog began, less than half the average number of posts in any other month.

The reason? It’s tempting to blame the weather, an extremely localised and unnewsworthy zombie apocalypse, or simply resort to the old standby of ‘a dog stole my homework’… although it never worked in school and i’m pretty certain it’s not going to work now.

The fact is, that no matter how diligent us bloggy people might be, we do not consist entirely of words and, ever so occasionally, we simply don’t do the whole writing thing. Sometimes there’s good reason for it… other commitments, lack of inspiration, computer exploding or the dog running off with your homework, but in this case, none of those apply – i’ve simply had a month where i didn’t do a lot in the way of shedding words onto a computer screen.

Anything untoward you may have imagined has quite definitely failed to occur – any stories of my demise are somewhat exaggerated and i quite definitely still have plenty to say… i just haven’t said any of it recently.

There was a time that i would have panicked after just a few days of being wordless and even felt a certain guilt for not populating these pages with my every thought – it seems those days are gone. Now, i’m not at all bothered by the lack of engagement – although it is a little puzzling: i have no real thoughts about why i’ve been so silent and felt no urgent compulsion to write anything, literally anything to avoid a day or two going by without my musings – it’s just one of those things.

i hope you don’t mind.

The sensible thing would be to hang up my keyboard and write October off as a bad deal, but the thing is, i have done a bit of writing this week, after all. Those of you who have stuck with me over the months, (i really should come up with a special term for you – any ideas?), will know that when it comes to procrastination, i’m a bit of a world authority. If there’s an excuse not to do something, then i’ll use it and it’s usually only a rapidly approaching, and extremely final, deadline that can rouse me from my somnolent stupor and spur me into action, this particular piece of procrastination though is extreme, even for me.

Way back in October 2011, i commenced a short Halloween story which happened, unexpectedly, to ramble on for a little longer than planned. Not a problem, i thought, and had every intention to write a second instalment shortly after. In this case, ‘shortly after’ turned out to be a whole year later and, of course, i didn’t manage to finish it even then! Knowing how rubbish i am at progressing any project, the plan was to write a final instalment for Christmas 2012 and, well… erm.

So, with yet another Halloween looming, and the damn thing still nowhere near finished i realised two days ago i really should get my act together and start writing another instalment, just in case anyone actually remembered this piece of nonsense and was waiting with baited breath to find out what happened next! Well, bate no more, for tomorrow, all will be revealed.

fanque_001Actually… not quite all. How can i put this?… Umm, there’s still a bit left to go! How does Christmas sound? (When i say ‘Christmas’, you do realise that could be next Christmas, of course?)

In the meantime, there’s plenty to keep both your minds and other bits and pieces occupied – for a start, there’s a bit of catch-up reading to get done before tomorrow or, failing that, Pablo Fanque’s Fair is peddling its gruesome fun and games at Nowhere Land – but it won’t hang around for long once Halloween is dead and buried, so what are you waiting for? (Don’t wait for me – i’ll never get round to it!).

So, there you have it: i’m going to try and finish a lacklustre month of blogging with a flourish, and who knows, maybe November will bear better fruit. In fact, that’s quite likely since i’m due to be going under the surgeon’s knife next Tuesday, which is going to leave me housebound and incredibly bored for a few weeks… if that doesn’t give me an excuse to get writing again, nothing will!

Happy Halloween, peeps!

s. x

Make believe I’m everywhere.
Hidden in the lines.
Written on the pages.
Limahl – Neverending Story

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