Nihon shiki

largeJapanese culture and philosophy has fascinated me for as long as i care to remember, and if ever i had the opportunity to visit Japan, or better still, spend an extended time there, you can guarantee i’d have my bags packed before you could utter ‘sayonara’! It’s a culture that’s often perplexing and paradoxical to the Western psyche, yet there are elements of it that i find myself gravitating towards with ease.

Abandon me for a few weeks in the rural depths of Japan, perhaps staying with a local family or at a traditional ryokan and the chances are that i’d go native within a very short space of time – however the chances of that ever becoming reality are pretty slim, so for all practical purposes, my aspirations to the Land of the Rising Sun, will have to remain just that.

However, ever since discovering the potential of sl to enable the realisation of things that are probably unachievable in rl, i’ve had a hankering to explore the virtual possibilities that may be on offer. Consequently, you’ll often find me soaking up the atmosphere and wandering around Japanese-themed sims and i’ve frequently toyed with the idea of creating a build that reflects those ideas that appeal so much to me, although it’s an undertaking that i’ve simply not felt equipped to explore, until now…

japan4_001So, if you’re feeling in need of peace, something a little alternative to the Western ethos, and space to contemplate and ponder the mysteries of life and everything to do with it, then please feel free to come and spend some time out at my new creation: Sakura – a little bit of Japan, as imagined by me; you’ll be most welcome.

Anyway… the inspiration just kept on coming and i thought i’d throw together a few haiku to celebrate the new build. Some may remember i had a bash a haiku some time ago – i don’t know if this new batch is any good – there’s a sort of wistfulness about them, which i suppose, sums up my mood. Strictly speaking, they’re not perfect, traditional haiku – although i’ve tried to stick to the accepted 17 syllable, 3 line format, it’s horribly difficult to achieve the proper wordcount of 5, 7 and 5, per line when using English. Hopefully, that notwithstanding, i’ve managed to adhere to the spirit of the genre and, after all, since i’m not Japanese, that’s probably the best i can do!


mlt_002The pixel sun dips
silently on the horizon;
electric moments

Peaceful and still,
meditating whilst seated:
Lag presents few problems

sakura2_001Scultpy stones sit – guardians:
A fake garden ocean
formed from textured prims

The blossoms falling,
animated blooms all year long.
No seasons here.

sakura1_001Life within a life:
Zen-like mystery;
another world calls from my screen

The stream trickles on
yet has no source.
A second Life paradox.

Nothing hidden from view
all is revealed:
‘clothing is still downloading’



s. x

To-con-vey one’s mood
In sev-en-teen syll-able-s
Is ve-ry dif-fic
John Cooper Clarke – Haiku

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2 Responses to Nihon shiki

  1. You should go. I lived in Japan for 4 years mainly in Tokyo. The essence of Japan is visible throughout the city. I studied Haiku (good job you!) and calligraphy I have a Japanese web site with links to calligraphy you may enjoy. it means wonderful in Japanese. My time there changed me. I have two favourites:

    How remarkable!
    He [sic] who sees lightening
    And is not amazed.

    Would like to substitute “sl” for “lightening” but that would remove the seasonal element necessary for correct haiku. And

    Mono e eba
    Guchiburi samushi
    Aki no kaze

    When a thing is said
    The lips become very cold
    Like the Autumn wind.

    • Thank you. i think kanji may be beyond me – although, maybe one day…
      i particularly like the second piece of haiku you’ve shared, it’s very emotive and says much about Japanese culture. A good few years ago, i did explore an extended stay in Japan on a cultural visa, unfortunately – then, as now, finances didn’t allow it – if it’s to be, it’ll happen, i’m sure.
      s. x

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