Update: 21 November

murderWell, it’s been quite some time since I dipped into the dark recesses of my mind to dig something out for the Alt. life: page of the blog. To be quite honest, life itself has been pretty freaky anyway, so i’ve not really had to tap into that rather nasty part of my brain and make something up… it’s true, sometimes truth is freakier than fiction.

However, for those of you who feel the need for a fix of the alternative me – (are you mad?) – i have something a little special for today. Put the kettle on and make sure you’ve enough brewed for at least a couple of cuppas, because this one is way longer than usual – over 12000 words, in fact. Yay! Go me! Still a fair bit short of a novelette, but y’know, acorns, oak trees, and stuff…

Anyway – it’s unpleasant, distasteful and not a little bit gory. You have been warned.

Alt. life: ‘Whole Life Term’

s. x

But nothing will grow 
On this burnt cursèd ground
Cuz the breath of the death
Is the only sound
Alice Cooper – Pick Up The Bones

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