Walled in

wallY’know, a lot of the drama and bitching that’s endemic to sl tends to pass me by – as far as i’m concerned, that kind of thing is far more trouble than it’s worth and i’ve no interest at all in getting embroiled in the sort of argy-bargy and disputes that others seem to thrive upon, i’d rather just get on with things and let it all go over my head.

Even when potential drama surfaces closer to home, i tend to bide my time and see how things work out before jumping off into the deep end  – and much of the time, everything works out just fine. Some things do tend to set the alarm bells – if not ringing, certainly trembling in anticipation – though.

So when the parcel next to mine became vacant and up for rent a little while back it was with only a slight feeling of dread that i wondered what the new neighbours would be like. Perhaps it’s because living in a multi-occupancy apartment block with a high turnover of residents, as i do in rl, i frequently have to go through the process of newcomer arrivals and departures, with the potential irritations that go with them… will they steal my parking space?; Will they have endless, riotous heavy metal parties every weekend?; Will they be into BDSM and keep me awake at night, with the sound of flogging and accompanying screams?

These may seem needless concerns, however, consider things from my perspective. It was i who breathed a hearty sigh of thanks when the deaf neighbours downstairs, (i assume they were deaf – why else would they need a 120 megawatt sound system on their TV?), moved out a couple of months ago, and an equally grateful sigh this weekend when the drama students upstairs decided to sling their hook – drama students have the loudest voices and the heaviest feet ever, and i know that practising the guitar is necessary, but EVERY Saturday morning at 8.00am, really? So it’s just possible, that some of my rl insecurity has found its way inworld.

Even so – how bad could it be?

Maybe i’m just prejudiced… but the words ‘Bloodlines friendly’ in a parcel description tends to make me go a little wobbly – much as i’m sure that vampires are all very lovely people, i’d hate to think that anyone seeking a little rest and relaxation at Nowhere Land might be pestered by hordes of the undead seeking to drink their blood. ‘Let’s not get too worked up about this‘, i thought, ‘Bloodlines friendly’, doesn’t necessarily mean the place will be crawling with vampires, and even if it does, perhaps they’ll be the friendly vegetarian type that are no bother at all – told you, i really do shy away from drama!

i could even learn to live with the jaw-droppingly huge castle that suddenly sprouted from nowhere to dominate the skyline, yes… even the er, ‘subtle’ and ‘artistic’ pictures that adorned its passageways and rooms. You see, i think i’m a pretty good neighbour, and what someone chooses to do with their land is their concern, it’s none of my business… but then, today, i received a nasty shock.

Logging in to my own little bit of Japan, i thought i’d take a wander into town to stretch my legs: off i went, down the pathway, through the gate… and, CLONK! They’ve only gone a built a ruddy great brick wall right along the edge of my parcel! Yep – a wall that not only pretty much hides my zen hideout completely from the outside world, but also effectively stops anybody from entering or leaving through the gate – i mean, for crying out loud, if my little construction is such an eyesore that you feel you have to hide it from view behind a rather ugly brick wall, then at least leave a gap for the gate, failing that, make the damn thing phantom! It’s not asking much, is it?

Rather p*ssed off by this unexpected turn of events, i promptly derendered and blacklisted every single item on the offending parcel; it’s inconvenient, because now i keep walking into invisible buildings, but at least i can see the fruit of my labours, even if no-one else can!

It’s unfortunate that i’m at a rather low ebb at the moment, this has happened at the tail-end of what has been a pretty vile week, (i cannot believe how indescribably ill a large dose of – completely unnecessary – antibiotics can make you… did you know it’s possible to have all those side effects on the information leaflet, simulteously? Not to mention some extra goodies courtesy of losing all those ‘helpful’ bacteria that you never notice are there, until they’re not. But that’s another story), and consequently, i had one of those ‘sod it’ moments, when i thought of all the money i could save if i just got shot of the land and didn’t bother. That would have been an over-reaction, and stupid, but then, isn’t most drama?

Instead, i’m not going to let it rile me: instead, i’ll take some painkillers for the headache, get some sleep and deal with things more constructively, when i feel up to it.

In the meantime, if i catch any damn vampires hanging around my land, they’re gonna be so banned…


Neighbors, do unto strangers 
Do unto neighbors 
What you do to yourself, yourself, yourself
The Rolling Stones – Neighbours

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2 Responses to Walled in

  1. Has no one ever explained to them the perils of pissing off a blogger? Potential presidents have fallen over less!

    • Ah, it’s so tempting, but that’s the ugly side of blogging. Sleep on it before posting is my watchword when it comes to such things… although that can sometimes result in an equally damaging, but so much better thought-out post!

      (i didn’t even know potential presidents read this blog!)

      s. x

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