Two left feet

vodkaYesterday i tried something new in sl. It’s a rare occasion that i’m able to log in on a Saturday and, on most occasions that i can, things are pretty much the same as the rest of the week. However, on this occasion i was able to catch a performance put on by the Fusion Dance Crew – with which a bunch of my friends are involved – and is something that, despite wanting to, i’ve not had the opportunity to do previously.

Perhaps i should mention at this point that dancing – at least in rl – is definitely not my thing, whether watching or participating. At parties you’ll find me tucked away at a corner table, as far away from the dance floor as possible, most likely hiding behind a bottle of wine and i have absolutely no interest at all in watching others gyrate, glide or pasa doble as a form of entertainment. You won’t find me at village fetes watching the local primary school perform their own version of the Gay Gordons, neither – unlike most of the rest of the country, it seems – will you find me glued to a TV screen to catch up with the latest instalment of ‘Strictly’ – such things are imbued with a tedium that makes watching paint dry positively riveting, as far as i’m concerned.

fusion2_001Why then would i even consider inflicting the virtual version of such exquisite torture upon myself? Good question – but there is a rational explanation: firstly, i do like to support my friends in whatever they are doing, even if it may not always be my particular cup of tea. When someone puts their time and effort into the creative process, i feel the least i can do is go along and give my support and encouragement, if i’m able. Then there’s curiosity… blessed, as i am, with the virtual equivalent of two left feet, (and one of those wrapped around the back of my neck), i struggle with the notion that it’s possible for group of people to co-ordinate movement, costume and music, and keep an audience entertained inworld without going into complete and permanent meltdown within a very short space of time.

Some of this cynicism is based on my own, rather jaundiced, experience. Even though i might now consider myself to be a seasoned resident – note i didn’t say ‘mature’ – dancing, or for that matter most types of movement in general, is still a pretty hit and miss affair at the best of times. This is despite having a top notch dance HUD, fully equipped with dances for every occasion – even so, i still end up in a complete mess every time i use it.

fusion4_001Back to the performance… i was pleasantly surprised – the whole thing was a lot more enjoyable than i’d expected and, once i’d got into the swing of things, i found i was having a good time. To begin with, i felt a little like a fish out of water – much as the first occasion you visit a new club, you need a little time to get acclimatised and to figure out the vibe. Initially i sat silently, paranoid that i’d get thrown out for creating a disturbance if i dared speak, but the ribald banter between the performers and audience soon allayed my fears and it wasn’t long before i was entering into the spirit and joining in with everyone else.

fusion10_001As for the performance, it was slick, clever and well-executed – i’ve no idea how long it was, but the time flew by, which to me is a good indication that i’m having a good time!

The theme, ‘Once Upon a Time’, was a slightly twisted take on fairytales, and very cleverly thought out – my favourite had to be the retelling of Red Riding Hood, complete with ballet dancing, body popping wolf who – rather than eat the poor girl – fell madly in love with her. Sadly, his infatuation wasn’t shared and she despatched him with a rather impressive display of kick-boxing! My kind of fairytale!

fusion7_001It just goes to show that sl is capable of springing surprises in the most unlikely manner. There are many things i get up to in sl that i’d never consider, for various reasons, in the real world but i don’t think i’ve been quite as surprised at how much i enjoyed an sl diversion that, in rl, i’d hate with an intense passion – it’s a funny old world!

By the way, if you fancy checking out the Fusion Dance Crew for yourself, i understand they have a whole new performance coming up in the new year… why not go along? You might be pleasantly surprised!

s. x

You broke my heart
because I couldn’t dance
You didn’t even want me around
And now I’m back
to let you know
I can really
shake them down
The Contours – Do You Love Me?

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2 Responses to Two left feet

  1. Ric Lyle says:

    Thank you Seren for attending the Fusion Dance Crew’s (FDC) production of “Once Upon A Time.” And thank you for your kind comments. We actually work quite hard putting these shows together and there is some expense involved too. Although there are other dance groups out there, we believe we are one of the few that bring the whole package (music, costumes, dance animations, story, sets and special affects). However, it does gives us all something to work on in SL, and you have to love the music and the creative aspects of putting together this type entertainment in SL in order to participate. I’m always amazed how creative our members are. Anyway, thank you again, and we hope to see you again at one of our shows. By the way, I’ve just found your blog and have started reading your postings. Very witty! Good show and keep it going!
    Ric Lyle
    Fusion Dance Crew

    • Many thanks, Ric – it was a thoroughly enjoyable show, and all those elements you mention certainly came together and worked a treat. It’s certainly far more than just jumping on a dance ball, and i’m sure that many don’t realise the skills and effort involved. All i can say is congratulations to the whole Crew for a fun evening’s entertainment and i certainly hope i’ll be in the audience for at least some of your future productions 🙂

      s. x

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