Still bearing up

gummyNew Year resolutions bore me – i’ve never done them and i never will – i’m firmly of the opinion that life’s far to short and that if something is worth doing, then there’s no time like the present to be getting on and doing it. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s January 1st, April 19th or today… there’s no better time to make a change that needs to happen than the moment you decide it needs to be made.

Half the trouble with the resolution cliche is that there’s no real expectation of following through anyway – it’s almost as if the most life-changing decisions take on a far lesser meaning if they’re preceded with the magic words: ‘New Year resolution’, and after – at most – a few weeks’ dedication to the cause, we can casually sweep them under the carpet and get on with our lives, unchanged and unaffected.

Taking stock... or stocktaking?

Taking stock… or stocktaking?

Even so, i’ve always thought that the beginning of a New Year is an appropriate time to take stock, make plans and tidy up loose ends, before plunging into the morass of uncertainty and inevitable drama that will unfold over the coming 12 months. It’s a good time to chuck out the clutter that’s accumulated over the previous year, if only to make space for the clutter that’s going to build up and clog the arteries of our lives in the course of the year ahead, and i’ve always taken it as an opportunity to take stock and review progress – since every new year provides a handy milestone for the drawing of comparisons.

From the point of view of this blog, that means little in the way of change – for the first time, i’m content. i think i’ve managed to strike a happy medium in terms of how this thing is supposed to work and i’m a firm believer in the tenet, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it!’ 

That’s not to say things are going to stand still around these parts – it’s about time i had a go at re-vamping the sidebar, (in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s the bar at the side, over there →), which has become sort of no-mans-land of spur-of-the-moment whimsy, some of which seems to work, although i’m not so sure about all of it. A lot of things that seemed like good ideas at the time have been quietly pensioned off over the years – wow! ‘Over the years’ – now there’s an expression i never thought i’d being using in relation to this blog! – but in all honesty, i’ve no idea if anybody even actually looks at that stuff! (Hint… you can let me know in the comments below). So that’s a definite candidate for a New Year blitz.

Writing-wise, i have a nasty feeling that 2014 will be the year i write my first novel. Yikes! That’s not a prediction or a promise, it’s just the way that things seem to be going, despite the fact that i promised myself it’s something i’d never do. Notice that i said ‘write’, and not, ‘publish’ too!

As for sl… Well, considering that the coming year will almost certainly be the year of the Event that will spell the end of the virtual world, (what year isn’t?), it’s pretty much business as usual. i have some plans for forthcoming exhibitions at The Gallery and the plot currently occupied by my Sakura build will almost certainly be redeveloped several times throughout the course of the year – watch this space for details – and then there’s SL11B to consider too… the possibilities are, erm, fairly limited (that’s unless my creative skills increase exponentially in the next few months!).

The quintessential Torley Bare and me. (Can you tell which is which?)

The quintessential Torley Bare and me. (Can you tell which is which?)

My inventory could do with a really good sorting out too – it’s amazing what’s in there, and sometimes i wonder what on earth i should do with some of the completely desirable, yet completely frivolous stuff that’s crammed into those folders. Just the other night, somebody mentioned Torley Linden, which of course prompted me to fish his Linden Bear from its slumbers deep within my inventory folders, but what practical use can such a thing have? Well, aside from a rather dubious cue for me to consider doing a ‘Linden Bear of the Week’ feature in – you guessed it – the blog sidebar. /me sighs.

Speaking of bears, you have mere moments remaining to grab my 2013 wearable bear! My bears are a bit of a silly thing i started to try and beat the Lindens at their own game, (what do you mean, it’s not a game?) – and every year i churn one out to reflect yet another 12 months i’ve managed to survive in pixel form. Occasionally, i’ll throw in a ‘special edition’ to celebrate a particular occasion, and some very special people have even had their own custom bears, made just for them. Since i get terribly confused with world/sl/Brit time, and this post will come out tomorrow/yesterday/last Thursday for some of you, depending which timezone you’re in, i’ll keep giving out the 2013 ones to anyone who drops me a notecard/email by the end of my January 1st, after which my 2014 bears will be set free – you can have both, if you ask nicely! My 2014 bear is a wearable chair bear, handy if ever you fancy a sit down or a nice bear hug, during those long, lonely hours of inworld exploration… what’s stopping you?

Beware the Chair Bear!

Beware the Chair Bear!

(Small print: No guarantees are made regarding Seren’s Bears… they may fall apart, be of questionable build quality and run off in the middle of the night with your favourite Meeroo. Wearables will probably divest you of your hair and/or bits of clothing and attach themselves upside-down to the least expected part of your anatomy. Every bear is lovingly made out of old-fashioned prims – none of your new-fangled sculpts or mesh nonsense – and will have a Land Impact of something in the region of a million… rez at your peril. No bears were harmed in the making of these bears, although there are a few slightly bald cats now walking around my neighbourhood. Please don’t sue me if death, serious injury or other unforeseen occurrence should occur as a result of using these bears – i don’t have any money, and i can run really, really fast when i need to (provided you give me a good, long head start and promise to run really slowly, with lots of breaks for catching my breath).

Anyway, Happy New Year, and i’ll see you on the flipside!

s. x

All is quiet on New Year’s Day
A world in white gets underway
I want to be with you
Be with you night and day
U2 – New Years Day

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