Ten Commandments (Part 1)

commandAnd lo! The prophet did descend from the lofty slopes of Mount G’al, amidst fire and brimstone, bearing in his arms two great tablets of prim, upon which burned textures bearing Godvik’s commandments to the peoples of every continent and island.

And the people were in great awe, and there was a great gnashing of teeth animations and rendering of garments amongst those present, and gestures of fear filled the screen. The prophet stood before the gathered crowd, addressing them in ALLCAPS, in public chat…

“Friendly greetings, and fear ye not, oh people! For though you have transgressed and done things you ought not to have done in regions not designated as ‘adult’, there is yet hope for you. Even as the Sword of DMCA hangs over your heads, you may still be redeemed if you steadfastly and surely follow the Tau of Linden and walk in its ways.”

With great trembling and the occasional chicken dance, (wrong HUD!), the people beseeched the prophet to tell them how they might be saved.

“Friends, residents and NSA infiltrators, I say unto thee, there are but ten Commandments which you must follow in order to live a good a worthy SLife, which I shall now outline to you – they are also available as a notecard to group members!”

tablet2_001The prophet cleared his throat – a difficult thing to achieve in text – and thus addressed the people:

1. Thou shalt honour the TOS, for it is the will of Rod and all those who follow him. You are to meditate upon it day and night, its words must forever dwell upon your lips. Build it into your homes and meshes and do not stray from its directives. Though the way of TOS is often difficult and contradictory, I tell thee you must have faith that it is written in your best interests – even when it plainly isn’t. This is the way in which you will please Rod in all your ways; in your logging-ins and logging outs. The TOS is a directive for all time for you, your slaves, your prim babies, clans and family members. Trust in the TOS and you shall not invoke the wrath of Linden!

2. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s land, nor his significant other, breedable ass or prim allowance. There is to be no sneaky incursion over parcel boundaries; you are not to place trees on borders that overhang your neighbours land. Neither are you to rez particles as numerous as the stars in the sky and the sand on the shore where they will cause your neighbours dismay. For each of you has been allotted a measure according to your means, and no man’s tier is to be abused by others. You shall not usurp land that is abandoned, for it belongs to Rod; neither shall you cast prims upon the ground and leave them for other’s to clear away, for this is a shameful act.

3. Thou shalt not invade another avatar’s privacy, for it is Rod whom has given you eyes and senses and it is sinful to employ them in an unseemly manner. Honour thy neighbour’s body and do not abuse or shame them. You are not to sneak peeks beneath another’s garment, neither are you to spy at them from a distance, whilst their modesty is exposed, and it is abhorrent to Rod for his people to perve in regions where this is forbidden.

4. Thou shalt not reveal an alt’s identity, for you will bring dishonour upon yourself and upon your victim. It is a sin to divulge knowledge you have partaken of in confidence and – as surely as eggs is eggs – your misdemeanours will return to haunt you and your own alts, even though you may deny their very existence. Rod sees all, knows all and has your credit card details.

5. Thou shalt not grief. Those who transgress shall be thrown into the fiery pit of suspension and consigned to the wastelands of Cloud Party as penance. The vengeance and power of AR, mute and ban shall smite you mightily and your name will be as a curse from generation unto generation!

Excuse me a moment”, said the prophet, as his arms holding the prim tablets dropped and his head fell forward: “Sorry, had to go AFK for a moment… afraid I have to log off now, but I promise I’ll be back tomorrow with the last 5, and believe me, you ain’t seen nothing left. BRB!”

Waving majestically to the crowd, the prophet poofed… until tomorrow.

s. x

Breakin’ rocks in the hot sun
I fought the law and the law won
The Clash – I Fought The Law

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