Tour bus

kinkyToday, i shall mostly be writing about kinky sex.

That got your attention, didn’t it? Perhaps i should clarify slightly – i’m not actually going to be discussing the ins, outs and shaking it all abouts of the various flavours of rumpy pumpy that are available in addition to bog-standard vanilla. Not that i have anything against that sort of thing, or anyone who feels that way inclined – if you like a double scoop of tutti-frutti, with extra sprinkles on top and a flake poked in it, that’s fine by me and it is, by all accounts, all good clean, healthy fun, but it’s not something that i’m particularly qualified to comment upon. (Read that whichever way you like… i’m not telling, no matter how much you might pester me!).

More to the point, this is a blog primarily about sl, and if it’s sex you want then i’ll politely point you in the direction of the rest of the internet.

So, what exactly is my point?

It can’t have escaped your notice that sl – infamously – has more than its fair share of diversions related to the carnal delights of the flesh. For a relatively small community – according to Wikipedia, around 600,000 active people, squeezed into an area just a little bigger than London, (or the size of Oklahoma City, if you’re from over the pond), sl seems to be extraordinarily well-endowed when it comes to salaciousness.

It’s entirely possible that sl is simply reflecting the true state of affairs in the real world: the main difference being that sex tends to be far more visible and ‘in your face’ in the virtual world than we are used to seeing in our everyday lives.

tourbus1_001It strikes me that sl very much has the ‘tour bus’ mentality – that is, whatever happens on the tour bus, stays on the tour bus. It’s a no strings, no guilt, no comeback world, where our activities may be as plain as day to those around us sharing our virtual environment, but are conveniently safely hidden away from those we interact with when we’re logged out. How many of those, for example, who might wander around sl without a second thought about displaying group memberships for Bukkake Bliss Island, Gangbang Alley and Sexy Sluts of Second Life, whilst giving detailed and graphic roleplay predilections, in profile picks, would feel equally comfortable about sharing such details with all and sundry in rl? Very few, i imagine. Whilst it’s true that there are those who are quite happy to openly talk about their kinks and perversions over a convivial pint at the local pub, those for whom the very thought that any of their friends, family or acquaintances might be privy to their innermost secrets would make them squirm in acute embarrassment will be in the overwhelming majority.

Yet, put us in the safe and secure environment of sl, and we have absolutely no reservations about letting it all hang out, sometimes quite literally!

We’re not particularly reserved about the nature of our inworld sexuality either – not only is every kink catered for, but many residents will quite happily tell the world what particular brand of wantonness they’re into… be it balloons or baboons, or anything in between. Can you imagine telling your work colleagues what you got up to at the weekend with a bucket of porridge and a bratwurst? Yet, when we’re in sl, not only will we happily discuss it in every gory detail, but we’ll pass the pictures around to all our friends too!

Whilst entirely unrelated to the points above, the willingness to embrace our sexuality – in whatever form it might take – whilst travelling on the sl tour bus is equally apparent in the openness and ease with which the LGBT community is integrated and accepted. Even in these enlightened days, it strikes me that there are a far greater proportion of those within sl who identify as LGBT, than are apparent in rl. To put that into context – take any place where people will gather together in sl – perhaps a club or interest group – and compare it with any similar gathering of people in rl and you’d almost certainly find a higher proportion inworld who are happy to describe themselves as other than ‘straight’, than will admit to it in the real world setting. Whether this is because sl permits people to explore their sexuality in ways that are perceived as safer and less of a personal risk than in the real world, or whether sl does actually accurately reflect the true reality, i don’t know. Nevertheless, either way, sl is very much an enabler in this context.

Does sl help us reveal our inner selves? Very much so. How healthy, acceptable and desirable that may be is open to debate. However, one thing is certain, there’s an awful lot of groupies purporting to be ‘with the band’ on this particular tour bus!

s. x

Oh, you touch my tralala,
mmm… my ding ding dong.
Gunther – Ding Dong Song

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