Luv u 4 eva

valOh, good grief! It’s sodding Valentine’s Day, again!

That wonderful time when it’s ok to be soppy and lovey-dovey, make brekkie in bed for your significant other, propose eternal companionship, (or at least until death, or divorce, do you part), boost the coffers of Hallmark Cards and basically be so saccharine sweet that it’s a wonder half the world doesn’t fall into a diabetic coma!

Or… it’s that dreadful time when we hate ourselves, hate everyone else who has a someone-else, wonder if anybody will ever want us, (no!), and want to sit in a corner, rocking gently, whilst listening to Blue October and knocking back cheap vodka from the bottle until our brains turn to mush and we can no longer even comprehend the fact that we are alone!

Or… you could be like me, and not give a toss.

i think i gave up on Valentine’s day the year i received a ‘mystery’ card and realised it was my grandmother’s handwriting. Somewhat traumatising, i can tell you.

cupid_001And tonight i’m going to log in to sl and there are going to be red roses, bleeding hearts, and ‘I wub youuuu’ gestures being flung around as if they were going out of fashion. Which they will… tomorrow. Until then, we just have to grin and bear it, but at least we have the rest of the year when we can get back to chucking the crockery at our nearest and dearest and wondering what the hell we ever saw in the bitch/bustard!

Erm… rant over.

It’s been far too long since we took a wander over to the dark side. Let’s do it… Alt. life: ‘St. Valentine Day’s Massacre’

Luv you.

s. x

I Am Not A Bad Man
Even Though I Do Bad Things
Very Bad Things
Such Horrible Things
But It’s Not Quite What It Seems
Not Quite What He Seems
Creature Feature – Such Horrible Things

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