Update: 14th March

delayTwo years! Two whole years… and not a single addition!

What am i talking about? My inability to stay on top of this blog, that’s what i’m talking about! Do you realise that it’s been two years since i posted anything at all to my ‘Only in RL’ page?

This is what happens when you spend too much time in sl – you forget that there’s a real world out there that we have to log into from time to time. A real world that can be just as crazy, daft and bizarre as the virtual one, and somebody has to keep track of it. That was the idea… a page that redresses the balance and shows that there’s more to life than Second Life, and so far, i’ve failed completely!

In the spirit of ‘must try harder’, i’ve added a new post today… i wouldn’t hold your breath though waiting for the next one – it could be another two years before i get around to it!

s. x

Screaming through the galaxy
Trapped in this eternity
Stranded helpless, endlessly
Manic Street Preachers – Forever Delayed

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