Bad blogger!

bloggerOK, i’m going to hold my hand up and admit to being a bad blogger.

Why would i say such a thing, you might ask? (Then again, you might have been thinking it all along!). Simply because, when i take a look around the webiverse at what everyone else seems to be doing when they blog, i just don’t fit the mould. In fact, if there ever was a mould for me, i think they probably threw it away after they saw the dreadful mistake that they’d made… i can imagine some poor geek at WordPress throwing up their hands in horror at the thought of what they’d unleashed upon the world!

Indeed, i may well have carried on in blissful ignorance, if i hadn’t been thumbing through (proper) blogger, Paypabak Writer’s scribings recently where she talks about the self-organisational skills that have to be mastered when blogging… things like, remembering to take SLurls of places you’ve been, and keeping screen grabs in some sort of rational order. Which, as you’ve no doubt already guessed, is the very antithesis of me. It has been known for me to have to log in to sl, simply to try and find somewhere i’d previously been, but had completely forgotten to make any note of its location, or even name. As for keeping images in a logical order: is ‘disarray’ a recognised system of filing?

gov5_001When it come’s to being organised, i’m afraid anything remotely resembling such a thing goes completely out of the window when it comes to this blog – i won’t go into the gory details, but suffice it to say that i’m normally flying by much less than the seat of my pants.

Having read Pay’s post, i started to realise i may have one or two shortcomings – in fact, i was going to leave a message to say as much, until i reached the bit where she invites her readers to use Disqus to comment – at which point, my brain melted and crawled off into a corner, whimpering, and refused to come back out until i fed it pancakes. What the hell is Disqus? Even after i looked it up, i still had no idea, although it’s clearly some indispensible aid to blogging that has hitherto been hidden from me – and, quite possibly, for very good reason. Try as i might, i couldn’t figure it out, so i quietly closed my browser and went back to the pancakes.

To be honest, this blog is very bad at ticking the sort of boxes that you’d think would be essential for such a venture anyway. It’s only tenuously connected to the .net and manages to avoid being at all social or in any way outgoing and welcoming. It’s very much the bloggy equivalent of being a wallflower: sat out on the fringes of the action, sipping on a Martini and trying very hard to merge into the background. Search engines can’t find it, and it’s deliberately obtuse when it comes to all those niceties that make sharing with other platforms a doddle… there’s none of those funky buttons that make it easy to tweet, share, plurk and whatever else people do to share the wealth these days. It’s only recently that i discovered the ‘like’ button, and i still don’t really understand what use it is! Yes, of course it’s lovely to know that people like what i’ve written, but surely if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading it? Equally, shouldn’t there also be a ‘dislike’ button, in the interests of fairness? i’ve come to the conclusion that pressing the ‘like’ button is the virtual equivalent of a cheery smile and a wave as you pass by on the pavement of online life.

shadow2_001Then there’s the whole re-blogging thing – it just strikes me as odd, and because of that, i can’t bring myself to do it. There’s far too much nonsense of my own that i’m dying to spout, without spouting other people’s nonsense too – if i like what someone else has written, i’ll say a little something about it and give you a link, but i’m certainly not going to re-hash it all here, when someone else has already taken the trouble to write it in their own blog, and would probably like it very much if you paid them a visit, rather than me. i can’t help thinking that there are almost certainly people out there who spend their entire lives just re-blogging other people’s efforts, and raking in loads of cash from adservers in the process. Is that really blogging?

Speaking of real blogging, my appalling organisational skills are probably best appreciated when i do happen to reference other sources – usually weeks after they were originally posted. It’s pointless trying to link to events, hunts or breaking news, because by the time i get around to posting them, it’s all over.

i could argue that i’m a rebel and that i do things this way because i don’t want to fit the stereotype – there may be some element of truth in that – but the fact is, even after all this time and all these words, i still really don’t have much of a clue about what i’m doing!

Now look what i’ve gone and done… a whole blog post about blogging: who on earth wants to read about that? Told you: bad blogger, through and through! (And, yes – i use too many exclamation marks!)

s. x

I don’t know much
I don’t know too much
But I know this
Shit is fucked up!
The Offspring – Stuff Is Messed Up

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5 Responses to Bad blogger!

  1. I love your writing, dear, that is really all that matters.

    I just tried to Like your post, as I have attempted in the past, and WordPress won’t accept the perfectly fine and legitimate password that I use for all WP blogs. So what does that make me? One blogger friend told me I had to have Disqus and she rarely uses it to comment! That’s it! So don’t be too impressed. (And it was a pain to install, too.)

    I love the idea that in contrast to you I am organized because I wrote that post feeling like a completely disorganized idiot crying out for assurance. Looks like I got plenty, for which I’m grateful.

    • 🙂 Aww thanks… i think i much have some sort of regressive gene that produces selective blindness when it comes to some aspects of technology – perhaps i’d do better with a typewriter and paper!
      Whatever the truth may be, you certainly project being organised, and that’s half the battle – i’m sure there must be many of us to whom the proverbial swan analogy fits perfectly. On the surface, all is calm and serenity, whilst beneath the surface, we’re thrashing around all over the place!
      Keep up the good work – your writing goes places where i wouldn’t have the faintest clue what to say!
      s. x

  2. Bumblebee says:

    /me hits the invisible like button anyway

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