Dirty Dancing

dancinfAs someone who can frequently struggle with such basic sl activities as walking in straight lines, negotiating doorways and climbing stairs, i can’t help but be impressed by the way in which some people are able to not only master the intricacies of handling the avatar form, but can do so in a graceful, athletic and coordinated manner.

Whether employing poseballs, chimera or scripting, there’s still a fair bit of skill involved in imbuing the pixellated form with convincing and fluid movements, particularly when that also involves other avatars and the interpretation of music.

Not so long ago i wrote about the Fusion Dance Crew, not just because they happen to be my friends, but also because they managed to surprise me by introducing me to the spectacle and fun of sl dance – something that, against all my expectations, i enjoyed. Well, Fusion are back again, and i’m more than happy to promote their latest venture, which, according to their press release below, sounds both fun and a little saucy!


Fusion Dance Crew
Returns to The Fusion Performing Arts Center stage on Saturday, March 29 @ 2PM SLT with its latest show production: SeXXXalicious, a production providing you with seven dance routines that cover both fun and serious aspects of sex!

With suggestive routine titles such as “Sex Ed”- where you will be enticed into a schoolroom of giggles and banter; “Lovin You” – a hypnotic hot purple, delicious dance diva to seduce you; “The Cabaret Boys” – naughty boys camping it up with kitsch boudoir bromance; “Don’t Cha” – the girlfriends of every man’s wet dream; “Twilight Zone” – reproduction for an alien nation; “Kiss”- kissing with lush lipped confidence; and “Hot Sex” – bringing the heavy throbbing heat of lust and dark deviant desire …

As always, Fusion Dance Crew nudges the boundaries of SL dance and creativity with a broad spectrum of dance animations skillfully sequenced, imaginative stage sets and costumes, exceptional choreography and for this new production, a bit of nudity :))

Do we have your attention yet? Mark your SL and RL calendar and join us for a bit of fun, audience interaction through bawdy banter and imagination galore!


It’s always surprised me that entertainment in sl tends to fall into a pretty narrow spectrum – the majority of such activity revolves almost entirely around ‘DJs’ and clubs, with the occasional smattering of live artists – odd really, when you consider we can experience pretty much the same thing, tailored perfectly to our own tastes, simply by spending an evening cruising Youtube or Spotify. Yet that’s the way it seems to be, with other forms of entertainment and art pushed to the periphery. You can certainly find the spoken word, dance and theatre in sl, but it’s very much in the minority, whereas every other public building in sl is a club and it’s unusual to bump into any avatar that doesn’t profess to be a DJ somewhere in in our virtual world.


With this in mind, it’s good to celebrate and support those who break away from the mainstream and do something different and, whilst i wholeheartedly recommend that you check out my friends in the Fusion Dance Crew, because i think they’re great, i’d also challenge you to hunt down some of the cool stuff that’s going on elsewhere in sl too… how about some storytelling at Clocktree Park, or an evening Paradise Lost, coming to the Basilique in the near future?  There’s no law in sl that says the pinnacle of entertainment has to be listening to another person’s playlist, whilst dancing away the night… there’s stacks going on besides that, activities which deserve to be promoted and supported, and – most of all – enjoyed!

i’ll leave you with a taster of my friends at Fusion – hope you enjoy it.

s. x

There’ll be dancing, they’re dancing in the street. 
This is an invitation, across the nation, 
A chance for folks to meet. 
There’ll be laughing singing, and music swinging 
Dancing in the street 
The Mamas & The Papas – Dancing In The Street

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