Update: 24th April

uninspiredAnyone who tells you that original creative writing is easy, is either a) lying, or b) not me.

Yes, there are occasions when words and ideas flood out in a constant stream of inspiration; equally, there are occasions that you feel you may as well have been born without a brain for all the use it is. Sometimes, you can go months without a decent idea.

Often there’s a reason for writer’s block… tiredness, stress, time of the month, day ending in a ‘y’, and – just as often – it’s just one of those cruel tricks the mind plays on you, just to show who’s really in charge. Today is one of those days.

Last night i was chatting to a proper writer, in sl. They mentioned how sometimes a single word can inspire and – by way of illustration – they offered me the word ‘contagious’. There and then, almost without thinking, i rattled off 150 words on the theme – the edited version of which appears in the blog sidebar. Today, you could give me a whole blooming dictionary and i wouldn’t come up with anything!

Which – weirdly – accounts for what i did come up with. It’s an oddity, so you’ll find it on Alt. life:

Here’s hoping i’m back to normal tomorrow!

s. x

‘Cause the words are dead
And you know it
Yeah the words are dead
Lower them down
Agnes Obel – Words Are Dead

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