Update: 8th May

luvBirds do it, bees do it, apparently even educated fleas do it… all patently nonsense, but nonetheless, apparently the only justification we need to believe that love is a good thing.

i beg to differ.

Love lies at the very heart of the worst songs ever sung, the trashiest prose ever put into print, the most dire movies ever made, ‘Friends Forever’ bears, broken hearts, teenage angst and baby-talk nicknames.

It’s about as good for you as an arsenic-coated sugar donut, and far less pleasurable. Yet, at some point in our lives – usually far more often than we care to talk about – we’ve all fallen victim to its grasping, clawing hands.

Need i say any more? – Alt. life: ‘Luv Story³’

s. x

Yo que te quiero tanto, quй voy ha hacer
Me dejaste, me dejaste
En un tango
En el alma se me fue
Se me fue el corazon
Ya no tengo ganas de vivir
Moulin Rouge – El Tango De Roxanne

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