Project-Management-in-SharePoint-SolutionEither i’m getting better at this sort of thing, or there’s something big and important that i’ve completely missed. Seren Haven: queen of the last minute and ‘just in time’, has built, scripted, textured, buffed and polished, down to the very last detail, every piece of this year’s SLB exhibit!

Applications for plots haven’t even closed yet, which begs the question, what the heck am i going to do with 200+ carefully prepared prims if i’m not allocated a spot? Cry, probably!

It’s a rare thing that i’m ever this organised, which is why i can’t quite dispel the nagging feeling i’ve forgotten something – still, it’s a good place to be, and it means i can rejoin the land of the living, rather than hiding away on my build platform, oblivious to everything around me, whilst trying to calculate angles, quaternions and the arcane obscurity that is llTargetOmegaMatron says that i should be allowed back out in public soon, provided i keep taking my medication and promise not to build anything.

SL11Bear - Sneak peek!

SL11Bear – Sneak peek!

Whilst i’m pretty sure that – despite my misgivings – everything really is in apple-pie order, there remains one small element of doubt… because i’ve stuffed my parcel absolutely to the gunnels with trees, flowers, peacocks and, er… lions, there’s simply not enough primmage remaining for me to rez the whole build at once in its entirety. This means that the first time i see it in all its completed glory will be when i unpack it on my SLB patch. It’s a little worrying, but what could possibly go wrong?

There is, of course, the option of dragging the whole lot out at a sandbox somewhere, but i’m somewhat allergic to those places and the last time i used one, a complete stranger decided to sit on the building i was putting together, whilst throwing prim gentlemen’s danglies at me. So, i think i’ll just wait and see. It’ll be fine.

Another of the good things about finishing so quickly is that you’ll be spared the blow-by-blow account of the trials and tribulations of putting together an sl birthday build, filling up the pages of this blog, before i plunge headfirst into the total blogging madness that you can expect from me once the celebration begins. Why on earth i feel i have to visit each and every exhibit, photograph it and then provide you with a written guided tour, heaven only knows – far easier if you just toddle along yourself and partake of the fun, leaving me to get on with the serious business of enjoying the spectacle myself!

Yes – why not pop along and take a look? Don’t give me any of those excuses about lag and difficulty getting around, it really isn’t all that bad if you take your hair and weapons off and dial down that draw distance to a sensible level. Heck, the last couple of years, i’ve managed to find a quiet moment to take pictures at ultra settings, draw distance maxed out and screen grabs across two monitors! Granted, my graphics card was weeping and begged me never to do it again, but it’s entirely possible, as the images below illustrate – although you may have to buy a second monitor to appreciate them fully – so unless your system and connection is really crappy, you’ve no real excuse not to go!





There’s a special treat/bribe to encourage those of you who still might be dubious – once again, i’ve knitted a very special SL11Bear to celebrate the birthday, and it’ll only be available from my exhibit for the duration of the celebration sims being open – once it’s gone, it’s gone! Surely you don’t need bribery though, to convince you to come along and have a party? Just put the dates in your diary: June 22-29 – and i’ll see you there.

In the meantime, i promise not to talk about it too much, but i do get excited at the prospect of birthday parties, and i can’t guarantee i’ll stay totally silent!

s. x


Whats He Building In There?
What the Hell is he building in there?
I tell you one thing he’s not building a playhouse for the children
Tom Waits – What’s He Building in there?



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