11b1Stepping aside from the news of the moment, let’s get back to the current sl and what’s going on inworld, which of course must include highlights from my annual jaunt around SLB.

As always, the sheer enormity of the the task ahead of me is daunting – SL11B may be a little smaller than last year’s celebration, but it certainly manages to pack in a heck of a lot to do and see. So far, the extent of my travels has been limited to the ‘Spectacular’ sims, which means i’ve covered less than a tenth of the ground so far – and that’s not forgetting fitting in time for music, dancing, all the other scheduled events, and the occasional stop for a chat or time to gawk at the surroundings!

An Open Core - Spectacular 212,206,21

An Open Core – Spectacular 212,206,21

Never fear, though – i shall persevere and fully intend to cover the whole lot… somehow!

It’s still my considered opinion that the best way to appreciate the birthday bash is to check it out for yourself: turn up, have a wander, play around with the interactive exhibits, listen to a live performance and generally marvel at what can be achieved in our funny old virtual world. So don’t expect a list of LMs, reviews of every exhibit and a step-by-step tourists’ guide to where you can find the best places to hang out – if you want those, then go and experience it for yourself! (Not forgetting that you’ll be supporting and encouraging all those who’ve worked hard to put everything together).  So far, i’ve climbed towers, chilled in relaxing gardens, fallen into the sea (not planned!), hung out with aliens and taken a zillion pictures. This time, i’m trying my hardest not to grab every freebie i can find – that way madness lies, so i’m being a little more discriminating, for once – but it’s hard to resist at times!

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

My verdict so far? The best yet! Opening day was absolutely rammed – at one point i found myself stuck in one place, because every adjoining sim was filled to capacity. The good news though is that – apart from those first few hours – people seem to be experiencing very little lag and everything appears to be going swimmingly. Certainly, it can take a while for things to rez properly, and i’ve seen a fair number of people wearing mesh outfits in an altogether bizarre fashion, (sorry, another pun!), but if you can’t chill out, relax and wait for things to resolve into their proper form at a party, then i’m afraid you need to take relaxation lessons!

Spectacular, looking out towards Wonderous

Spectacular, looking out towards Wonderous

It’s the attention to detail and the commonsense approach that’s impressed me greatly this year. A more fluid, (excuse the pun), approach has been taken with the water-based exhibits – last year’s raft, (sorry), of unused plots aren’t in evidence and i like the way that the water plots open out into the sea – aesthetically, very pleasing. One thing i particularly like is the way the travel pods turn into boats, once they hit the water – a lovely touch that i appreciated and which is almost balletic when you see the transformation take place.

April Linden at the Live Stage

April Linden at the Live Stage

The Linden influence is lower key this year – no Bear Island or Cornfield, but this is primarily a community celebration, although that’s not to say the Lindens aren’t showing their faces – one or two have managed to sneak past SLecurity, which is something i’m sure we’d all like to see a lot more of, not just at parties, but all over the Grid. Apart from the Lindens, one of the fun things about SLB is the way you have the opportunity to run into a whole host of SLelebrities, pretty much every corner you turn – and, unlike the rl variety, everyone that i’ve ever bumped into has been quite charming and friendly.

Biobreeds Brainstorm - Spectacular 116,124,22

Biobreeds Brainstorm – Spectacular 116,124,22

As for my own contribution to the mayhem, well i’m quite pleased with it – i did go out on a bit of a limb, deciding to do everything from scratch again, and compared to a lot of the exhibits, mine is somewhat lacklustre, but what the hell… it’s our world, our imagination! (And i can always imagine my bit is so much better than it is!). As always, i’m not telling you exactly where it is – if you want to see it badly enough, then you’ll have to admire what other people have put together too, but i will tell you it’s in Spectacular and, if you find the Firestorm plot, then you’re not so far away.

i’m off for another stroll now – so perhaps i’ll see you there?

Empires Coffee Shop - Spectacular 77,112,22

Empires Coffee Shop – Spectacular 77,112,22

s. x

When I’m out walkin’, I strut my stuff – yeah, I’m so strung out
I’m high as a kite; I just might stop to check you out
Violent Femmes – Blister In The Sun


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