Perchance to dream

Last night, disturbed by troubled sleep
i took to counting electric sheep
And as they jumped, each by their number
I drifted off to digital slumber





My dreams last night were rather odd
Once i attained the Land of Nod
No doubt the sheep were part to blame
As they leaped across my counterpane

As the mists of sleep drifted in
It felt as if i’d been on the gin!
For glowing lights, they filled the air
With the strangest creatures everwhere






They swooped and danced across the sky
And offered me peanuts (i don’t know why!)
Because i said ‘no’ they chased me away
It was rather a scare, i have to say

What happened next was even stranger
i thought i might be in terrible danger
For turning around: what did i peruse?
A great big elephant, singing the blues!






He smiled and said, “Please don’t be afraid”
“Do you think my tunes will make the grade?”
Before i replied, the scene changed once more
The world blurred around me: a new eyesore!

A great, monstrous beast, with eyes out on stalks
Loomed high above me, emitting loud squawks
i took to my heels and ran fast as i could
To escape the odd creature, but it did me no good






For now i was up in the sky, in the clouds
The ground far below: with it’s monsters and crowds
Then a person appeared – i asked, “Who are you?”
She said, “I’m a Linden, how do you do!”

“Please help me”, i begged her, “i don’t know where i am”
She answered, “Nor me… you’re in a bit of a jam!”
Then she gave me a push, and i fell from the sky
i screamed out in terror as she waved me goodbye








It was too much to handle, things weren’t going my way
Bruised, scared and lost, it was time i called it a day
But how to return to the land of the living
“Don’t let me be stuck here”, i thought with misgiving

Then i spied a big button, a bright colour red
And i wondered if it could get me back to my bed
So i pressed it down hard: awaiting my doom
And the whole world exploded, with a great big KABOOM!






i awoke with a start, now released from my strife
i hadn’t been dreaming – i’d logged in to Second Life!

s. x

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
Travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody’s looking for something
Emily Browning – Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

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