California Dreaming

slGullible, i am not, neither am i the sort of person to indiscriminately forward emails to five friends in order not to break a chain, or to achieve some fictitious target to ‘spread the word’, no matter how worthy a cause it may appear to support. Indeed, for the most part, i’m not one to click on banner ads, jump aboard internet memes, retweet, reblog or repost; partly because i’ve no interest in doing so, partly because i consider it to be a largely pointless excercise, and partly because i’m an anti-social cynic.

Much the same applies to all those other timewasting, brain-numbing ‘games’ and other activities that spring up all over the interweb and which everyone else in the entire world appears to be utterly absorbed with – i have no interest in such things at all

But, nobody’s perfect.

Somehow, in a moment of weakness, or temporary madness recently, i managed to surprise myself by whiling away a few idle minutes indulging in a few of those pop quizzes that can – apparently – tell you all sorts of things about yourself you never really knew. The surprising thing was just how accurate they turned out to be!

LOOK2_001Answering a bunch of questions to determine what kind of human being i was presented me with the following conclusion:

Naturally, you are a person of very high self-worth. You are what people consider to be a very high-quality human being. The kind of person everyone aspires to be (and be with). You are capable of excelling in any pursuit you set your mind to!

i couldn’t have put it better myself! It’s spookily accurate, considering the somewhat haphazard nature of some of the questions i’d been asked to provide responses to; so, somewhat inspired, i thought i’d give ‘What will you be remembered for?’, a try…

Your Beautiful Mind
Gentle and astute, you are thoughtful in everything you do. You are the enlightened sapient whom everyone trusts for guidance in their lives. What a luck to know you!

Once again, top marks for absolutely nailing my character and abilities, and i couldn’t have asked for anything better really, than being remembered for my beautiful mind, rather than those seemingly more desirable, but infinitely less rewarding attributes, like looks, fame and fortune.

Feeling pretty damn good about myself now, i thought it was time to give these online tests a real practical tryout: ‘Which city should i live in?’…

San Francisco
You have the tastes of an SF native. You’re modern, stylish, and very classy. You should totally live here.

golden gate1_001Perfect! Not only did it it pick the one city that i’d sell my soul to live in, but it seems that i’m perfectly suited to the place too. What more could i possibly desire?

Naturally, being such an influential, intelligent person, ideally suited to living in the City by the Bay, the only logical thing to do was to put the results of all three character quizzes together and see what conclusion that could possibly lead to, and i should have known it – it’s been staring me in the face all along… my ultimate vocation and calling is, of course, to work at Linden Lab!

Picture the scene: i fall out of bed at my sunny beach front property, have a light breakfast of croissants, fresh orange juice and strong espresso, before jumping into my convertible Ferrari California for the short drive to Battery Street. Entering the hallowed ground, i pause only to share friendly greetings with Torley, before popping into my high level board meeting with Ebbe. Later – after sorting out a few of the technical details of my own, top secret, project – ‘SL3D’™©® – i nip out for a spot of alfresco lunch to catch up with Phil and the gang over at HiFi, before spending the afternoon roller skating along the boardwalk, followed by a glass or two of Buffalo Grove as the sun goes down over the Bay.

Ah, i can see it now – i’m just waiting for the Skype call telling me how desperately the Lab needs my influential and beautiful mind, and then i’m off on the plane, (executive class, of course)! ‘Dippy Linden’ has a certain ring to it, don’t you think? (Yes, i’m well aware that there are some who already harbour suspicions that i’m an undercover Linden – rumours that i’ll neither deny, nor confirm – let’s just leave it at that, shall we?)


Anyway, i must go – have to look my best for that Skype call – and for those of you who may think all this is a little far-fetched, just bear in mind it came from the internet: so it must be true!

s. x

You know the preacher likes the cold
he knows I’m gonna stay
California Dreamin’
on such a winter’s day
Melanie Safka – California Dreamin’

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