Sex, lies and SL

sexHave you heard about that online virtual game where you can indulge in pixel sex to your heart’s delight, 24/7/365? Of course you have, and the chances are that the platform in question is sl.

Almost from day one, it seems that sl has been tainted with the ugly stain of furtive fumblings, pixellated porn and online onanism far beyond its deserved reputation. Indeed, you may disagree entirely with my terminology – you may well think that ‘tainted’ and ‘ugly stain’ are undeserved slurs and that there’s nothing wrong with a bit of virtual bump and grind, and i’m not going to argue with you on that count. Each to their own, as a far as i’m concerned, and if that’s your thing, i’m not going to adopt any sort of moral high ground.

To be honest, this whole SLex thing leaves me a little bemused. You either have to go down the route of emoting your socks off… /me gasps in delight as an electrifying frisson of pleasure teases her pert nipples; which seems an awful lot of hard work and effort when you’re supposed to be having a good time; or, alternatively, it’s just a case of climbing on a poseball and letting the scripts get on with it, while you think about something more interesting/enjoyable/fun, (or nip off for a cup of tea and a cheese sandwich), which – for many – isn’t a hell of a lot different to the real thing. However, when you get down to the real nitty gritty of it, you’re basically watching cartoon characters bonk, and that’s something i find rather more off-putting than turn-on-ing. Add to that the plethora of absolutely appalling avartars and ‘attachments’ that abound in sl – but are somehow considered de-rigeur for getting your rocks off – and it’s enough to put you off getting jiggy forever… i mean, these are bodies that you’d expect to see in a freakshow in rl, not waking up next to after a night of passion!

shotbar5_001Even so, it seems that my way of seeing things is by no means universal and that, like it or not, there’s a healthy interest in virtual sex of all types and persuasions amongst the populace of sl. In fact, if the world at large outside the confines of sl is to be believed, the whole place is a writhing, fetid hotbed of pixel passion. It’s a criticism that’s frequently levelled at our beloved virtual world, but one which is however, a massive fallacy (excuse the pun!).

Yes, there is plenty of naughtiness going on in sl, and yes, if that’s what you’re after then it’s pretty easy to find and, if you do want to spend all your inworld moments in compromising positions, there’s more than enough scope to satisfy even the most demanding of tastes. But come on… we’re talking about consenting adults here, pretending to be getting down and dirty, and sl – being representative of real world demographics and deliquency – is, by definition, going to have its fair share of rude bits. In that respect it’s no different from the internet as a whole, (yes, believe or not, there are naughty bits of the .net too), and quite possibly the real world as well – yet how often do we hear that the defining characteristic of the web, or rl, is shagging?

sinners3_001There are those who argue that it’s not so much the fact there is a sordid side to sl, it’s the fact that it’s thrust in your face around every turn, (again, please excuse the pun). To that, i say utter bunkum and poppycock! (No pun at all). Whilst it’s true that it’s possible to stumble upon the odd bit of nudity or rudity, and whilst it’s also true that there are those in sl who really don’t know how to behave or conduct themselves appropriately, you’re equally likely to run into the same sort of scenarios in the real world – if you don’t believe me, try spending a Friday night out on the town. If you’re really aggrieved by such things, then stay away from adult rated parcels and mute, ban and AR anyone who offendeth thee!

As someone who gets around the Grid a fair bit and is an expert at poking their nose into places that noses would be well advised not to be poked, i can honestly say that not only is avoiding places of ill-repute terribly easy, but i can go weeks – even months – without being exposed (sorry, again) to anything even remotely tittilating, objectionable or overtly sexual, which says to me that it’s nowhere near as prevalent across sl as those who complain would have us believe. What i do see is a whole load of amazing places, incredible creativity, art and design, fascinating vistas and awesome builds as well as meeting a whole variety of terribly interesting people along the way. It’s just irritating that those who choose to denigrate sl based on an undeserved reputation for sleaze also choose to ignore all of those good things that really do speak volumes about our virtual world and, instead, elect to focus their dirty little one-track minds on the one thing they really do understand!

shotbar3_001Whether it’s your thing or not, there’s nothing wrong with SLex – but no matter what the ill-informed might try to tell us, there’s far more to SLife than animated prim todgers and and mesh norks!

s. x

That goes in there
And that goes in there
And that goes in there
And that goes in there
Oooh, and then it’s over
Pulp – This Is Hardcore

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