Diff’rent strokes

walkingEver looked at yourself in sl and thought, “what on earth?” – one of those moments that you’re extremely glad what you’re seeing is only a virtual representation, because if it was for real, you’d either be arrested, sectioned or laughed out of town? Though i hesitate to admit it, that’s far too frequently the scenario if find myself in.

Most of the time, i’m fairly normal: if you run across me inworld, i’d hope the impression you’d get would be one of a well-balanced, normal, middle-of-the-road sort of person; maybe a little quirky, possibly a little bit too on the ball at times, but mostly harmless.

Then there are the other occasions…

hween1_001Times when you’d be justified in thinking you’d stumbled across an escapee from a lunatic asylum, a fanatical anti-establishment extremist, or a roleplaying geek into the more fantastical side of the virtual experience. It’s true, i can be a bit Jekyll and Hyde, although in reality – when the physical craziness is at it’s most extreme – it’s very much all a bit of a show, and if you can see beyond the glowing hair, bloodlust and leather, i’m pretty much exactly the same person as at any other time.

These moments come upon me every now and again, when i’ll suddenly get the urge, for no particular reason, to be a very different Dippy to the usual no-nonsense, straightforward avatar that usually inhabits sl. Then out will come the wacky hairdos, crazy clothing and extreme makeup, on will go the, (rarely – if ever – actually employed as intended), barbarous weapons and, once again, freaky Haven will stalk the Grid. Usually i’ll stay in weirdo mode for a week or two, before succumbing once more to the lure of normality and the everyday and unremarkable avatar i usually inhabit.

giger14_001Don’t ask me why i occasionally feel the need to explore my more eclectic side, the facts are that i’m not altogether sure, although i think it may be connected in some way inversely to my real life character and temperament. You see, in rl, i’ll rarely – if ever – follow any path other than an extremely well-worn and utterly unremarkable one. The rl me balks at dressing up for a fancy dress party, so to even consider anything but plain, sensible and sober dress for everyday life is certainly not something that would even cross my mind. Even though i may be far from conservative in my opinions, when it comes to presenting myself to the world in general, i am – i’m afraid – not at all inclined towards the edgy or unique. Even my everyday sl appearance isn’t necessarily reflected in rl – i have no tattoos, (not even a discrete one, hidden away where no-one can see it), neither do i possess any bodily piercings that could be considered in any way ‘interesting’ – in almost every respect i am the very picture of boring, which suits me just fine.

hl15_001Maybe it’s this staid approach to appearances in rl that prompts me to occasionally go off the rails and explore the somewhat more bizarre and peculiar looks that sl permits. Nobody seems to mind inworld if i walk round sporting a shocking pink afro and 12-inch heels, which is extremely affirming for someone who would be mortified if called upon to do the same in the real world. i am definitely more a jeans and t-shirt person than slashed leather and safety pins; more Sloggis than balconette bras and suspenders, and more business suit than birthday suit… in rl, at least.

As for sl, well – as i said earlier – mostly harmless… but catch me on an interesting day, and who knows what you might find!


s. x

Come dowsed in mud, soaked in bleach
As I want you to be
As a trend, as a friend, as an old memory
Nirvana – Come As You Are


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