Update: 1st October

travelFancy a break?

Feel like heading off to somewhere different to explore, experience a different culture and generally recharge the batteries?

Me too… unfortunately, there’s not much hope of that at the moment, so i guess i’ll just have to see what sl has to offer instead.

In the meantime, how about i open up the holiday album and rekindle some memories of journeys past? A trip to Greece, or Austria perhaps… or how does an extended stay in downtown Kuala Lumpur grab you?

Don’t forget your passport! Here’s your boarding pass – ‘Around the World in 100 Words’

s. x

Já tô com o pé na estrada
E não vou mais voltar
Não vou, não vou, não vou
Já tô com o pé na estrada e não vou mais voltar
Mo’ Horizons – Pé Na Éstrada

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