walesYes, and about time too!

Finally, after months of… well, er, i can’t lie to you and say preparation, hard work or frenzied activity; it’s really been months of not applying myself to the job at all, followed by a brief few weeks of seriously getting my act together!

Anyway, it’s done now – several months later than i ever anticipated, i’ve managed to get around to sorting out a new show for The Gallery.

It all started many weeks ago when a friend asked me what my next exhibition would be – at the time i had no idea, and – having paid a visit to my homeland, Wales, last year – my friend suggested that maybe documenting the country might make a good theme. Stupidly, i agreed, and spent the next few months agonising over how i was going to achieve it.

blurbHow indeed do you portray a whole country in a limited number of images, without slipping too far into cliché or getting bogged down by succumbing to one or two styles? To put it another way, i really didn’t want to fill The Gallery with pictures of old mining villages and women in tall hats, spinning wool, but neither did i particularly want to take endless mountain landscapes.

Even so, i’m not entirely sure that what i’ve ended up with really works: i started with around 3000 images, whittled down to a final 60 or so, and – if i’m honest – i don’t even consider them to be the very best… they just seemed to be ‘right’. You may disagree; that’s fine – these things are incredibly subjective.

Good, bad, indifferent or uninspiring… i don’t know, you’ll have your own ideas: please feel free to express them. 🙂

‘A Welsh Odyssey’ is at The Nowhere Land Gallery, from now until… erm, probably some time in the distant future! If you like what you see, please consider joining the group, inworld when you visit.


s. x

Yes, they’ll all come to see me in the shade of that old oak tree
as they lay me neath the green, green grass of home.
Tom Jones – The Green Green Grass Of Home

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