There’s more…

storyIt’s that time again – time for you to wonder what on earth i’m wittering on about, a fairly common occurrence, i’m sure!

What i mean is that Havenwe’en is once again upon us, and with it, the longest story every written.

When i say the longest story – i don’t mean that in terms of wordage: it’s more a case of, “how freakin’ long did that take you?” – well, four years, actually, although in real terms it’s tended to be a few evenings in the last week of October for four years. Even so, that’s pretty slow progress by anyone’s reckoning!

However, as Him Upstairs, once succinctly put it: “It is finished” – and about bleeding time too, i hear you protest.

Tomorrow, 31 October, all will finally be revealed, but since you are all – well, mostly – mortal beings there’s a good chance that you’ve forgotten the story so far, or just haven’t been around long enough to suffer through the previous instalments. Well, fear not! Here are some links, and your homework is to get stuck in to some revision… there will be a quiz at the end!

Part 1 – Chapters 1-5: 31 October 2011
Part 2 – Chapters 6-9: 31 October 2012
Part 3 – Chapters 10-11: 31 October 2013

See you tomorrow!

s. x

Rhymes that keep their secrets
Will unfold behind the clouds
And there upon the rainbow
Is the answer to a neverending story
Limahl – Neverending Story

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