drunki broke by doze!

Or, for those of you who require a translation: “i broke my nose”. 

Not exactly the most pleasant way to finish off a festive family get-together, but when you have a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle like mine, you have to be prepared for the odd fall from grace. In this particular instance, onto a concrete floor, using my face to arrest the fall – trust me, it’s not something you want to try yourself – the resulting bloodstain was so extensive that when it was shown to me the following morning, i was tempted to draw a chalk outline around it since it looked so much like a crime scene.

Yes, i admit it – it was very much all my own fault. A classic case of too much Christmas turkey; in this instance, Wild Turkey 101. Now, before you start lecturing me on the ills of the demon drink, i suggest you don’t bother – you’d only be wasting your time and mine – i enjoy a tipple socially and during my down-time, and it’s a rare occasion indeed that i ever get into a state that i regret afterwards – and if you’re at all uncomfortable with that, then you probably won’t want to read the rest of today’s post. As a rule, i’m pretty choosy about what gets put into my body, (stop sniggering, you at the back), but that doesn’t mean i’m a paragon of virtue, by any means.

bar3_001Booze and socialising do tend to go hand in hand, and when people get together socially in sl, it’s not unknown for them to treat the occasion in much the same way as they do the rl equivalent. Whether mixing alcohol with sl is always a wise choice is debatable, but many of us do indeed enjoy a glass or two of our favourite alcoholic beverage whilst relaxing with friends inworld, and might even consider it a bit odd not to indulge, although i’d contend that sort of of attitude is more prevalent in sl than might be the case with other social media. Are we tempted to crack open the vino whilst exchanging messages on Facebook? Possibly not: many of the the more familiar social networks lack the appeal and ambience – the right feel – that we can get from spending time in the company of others in sl. Similarly, i imagine that those who indulge in online gaming are more likely to be concentrating on slaying princesses and rescuing beautiful terrorists than sharing a convivial bottle of Bud with their gaming chums.

For better or worse, sl is particularly conducive towards that side of human nature: it is a particularly effective medium for giving the illusion of being in the physical company of friends, and within an environment that ‘feels’ realistic – a state of mind far removed from that experienced when simply swapping messages and updating statuses with friends on a scrolling screen. More than that, sl prompts us with visual clues that contrive to convince us that what isn’t real, is. Although our inworld bars, clubs and Cafés may only serve alcohol of the pixelated vintage, the power of suggestion is such that we feel a compulsion to imbibe. Our surroundings, the banter and the suggestion and nuances that the virtual environment feeds into our minds all encourage and cajole us into believing that things are more real on the far side of the screen than they actually are, and that virtual reality is accordingly mirrored to some extent by our reactions: we feel the force, and respond in turn.

club6_001In the same way, we might find the compulsion to shop inworld in a store that looks and has the feel of a real world store is far stronger than in a store that clearly owes more to virtual design than rl planning and architecture. Our minds not only find it easier to relate to the familiar, but also resonate in harmony with the power of SLuggestion. Consequently, many of us feel entirely at ease cracking open a bottle to accompany a virtual night on the town, although i’m afraid it’s not without its perils, just as is the case in the real world.

Many of the classic effects of over-indulgence of the grain or the grape translate readily into the virtual context. There are few means of expression as eloquent as slurred typing, particularly when accompanied by over-enthusiastic self-confidence and brashness. Just as in the real world, it can be amusing to others, liberating for oneself and lead to some memorable moments. It can also be highly embarrassing, somewhat sad and pathetic and fiendishly aggravating – such is the nature of the beast, but good or bad, right or wrong, people will be people even when living out a virtual lifestyle, and nothing is going to stop that.

At least when you fall flat on your face in sl, it doesn’t blooming hurt!

s. x

Well, show me the way
To the next whisky bar
Oh, don’t ask why
Oh, don’t ask why
The Doors – Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)

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3 Responses to Ouch!

  1. Matt says:

    Nothing wrong with a drink too much in the wrong company. Out of personal experience, if you’re gonna break your nose it’s better to be drunk while doing it. 😉

  2. Matt says:

    “Well I fell into prison about a quarter till three
    Where I found in my cell a glass waiting for me
    So I filled what was empty and I pulled up a stool
    But he stood in the corner, the old devil wouldn’t move
    He said, “You drink when you’re lonely.” No I drink when I want!
    He said, “You’ll never be sober.” Sure. Why would I want that?
    I only drink to be merry but unfortunately
    I’m in the wrong prison cell and the wrong company”
    -Flogging Molly, The wrong company

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