My predictions for 2015…

2015…Will almost certainly be hopelessly wrong!

Oh the irony, if that prediction turns out to be right – but, based on the success rate of my sl predictions for 2014, the chances of any of the following occurring are very, very slim. In fact, i’m not even going to bother recapping what i thought might happen in the past year, since only one of those suggestions ever made it to see the light of day, and even that is only going to see any real traction in the coming new year. So yes, the improvements to the Marketplace i expected to make an appearance this year are indeed coming, but my timing was more than a little out.

Whilst we’re talking about timing being out, it’s worth noting that i did actually predict the return of gambling to the Grid, way back in 2013 – so i’m going to claim that one, even though it took a year longer than i expected.

crystal ball_001Let’s turn to the coming year and make some educated guesses about what the future might bring to sl, [cue harp dream sequence music and wibbly wobbly screen effect]:

  • It’s a given that we’re likely to learn more about SL2.0 over the coming months, but i’m going to err on the side of caution and guess that it’s all going to still be very much under wraps for a good while to come yet. Maybe some limited closed beta testing on specific elements of the new platform will take place later in the year, but i wouldn’t hold my breath over it. My gut feeling is that the Lab won’t even tell us what the new beastie is going to be called for at least another 12 months… but, i could be wrong!
  • OK, i’m going to go out on a limb again and re-state my last year’s prediction for tier changes – i still think we’ll see tier revamped, although possibly not to the satisfaction of the ordinary rank and file resident. My prediction is that we’ll see a simpler structure to tier, with possibly some incentives to encourage land ownership at the smaller end of the scale. As for lower tier… i don’t think so!
  • Innovations: Pretty certain we’re going to see even more integration with other social media platforms – perhaps an inworld Facebook feed, (because we all want one of those!) How about a simple mesh build tool integrated into the viewer? i reckon we’ll see both making an appearance in the next 12 months, along with improved inventory management tools. As for the new user experience: i anticipate we’ll see something similar to the avatar set up process familiar to gaming platforms, and – you never know – perhaps a built-in practical tutorial for new sign-ups.
  • Things we’re definitely going to see: a fix for the broken avatar z-offset; further improvements to the render pipeline; more functions moved from the client to server-side.

That’s about it – there’s not really a great deal that i can think of that we may see happening with sl next year that will be particularly ground-breaking, but it’s pretty certain that sl, as a platform, will continue to receive ongoing improvements throughout the year. The Lab will want to promote Experience Keys and improve the sign-up and new user experience, so i’m expecting to see a fair bit of activity along those lines, but sl will – for the most part, i’m sure – carry on pretty much business as usual in the coming year.

As for me and the blog… business as usual here also – maybe a couple of editorial changes coming up for 2015, but other than that there’s no big plans in the pipeline at the moment, but things change and i never quite know what’s going to turn up next, so if there’s one prediction i can be sure about for the future, it’s that i can’t ever be sure what the future will bring.


Whatever the New Year has in store for you, i hope there will be many excellent and good things, and that the inevitable not-so-good things will be few and far between.

Happy New Year folks!

s. x

All is quiet on New Year’s Day
A world in white gets underway
I want to be with you
Be with you night and day
U2 – New Years Day

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2 Responses to My predictions for 2015…

  1. Paypabak Writer says:

    I imagine SL 2.0 will be coordinating with the development of virtual reality headgear like Oculus Rift, so it remains to be seen if the commercial version of OR comes out this year or not. Not to say SL 2.0 will be ready at the same time but it should fit with OR when it releases. In the meantime, the OR beta viewer is pretty impressive from my limited experience so far.

    • To be honest, i’m still not sold on Rift, although i think you’re right about 2.0 being developed to capitalise on what OR can offer. Unlike yourself, i’ve not had the opportunity to try it out – maybe i’ll feel differently then. Whatever happens, my gut feeling is that we’ll be looking at much later in the year to see any real progress.
      s. x

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