Wiggle your big toe

the-eyes-can-mislead-the-smile-can-lie-but-the-shoes-always-tell-the-truthSorry to say it – and you’re more than welcome to disagree – but the vast majority of feet are ugly.

It doesn’t matter what you do to prettify them up, the only real solution is to cover them up, preferably using a great pair of shoes, because – as everyone knows – shoes are lush!

If rl feet are ugly, then the sl system feet are positively grotesque – weirdly-shaped, amorphous chunks of flesh-coloured nastiness, there really is very little positive you can say about them, other than they’re ideal candidates for being hidden away in a decent pair of classy footwear.

At this point, many of you will be shaking their heads in despair… ‘Has she never heard of mesh?’, you’re asking yourselves; ‘Are you telling us your inventory doesn’t even have a Slink folder?’ – well, the answer to the first question is ‘yes’, but – i’m very sorry to say – the answer to the second is a resounding ‘no’! Call me an old-fashioned fuddy duddy if you must, but the truth of the matter is that the mesh foot revolution has very much passed me by, even though it seems the rest of sl is completely hooked on it.

boots2_001Why, you may ask yourselves, am i so far behind the times? That’s a question to which there are a multitude of answers, which most of you will probably think are pretty daft, but for me, they’re as good as excuse as any to carry on like it’s 2009. And there’s your first reason – i have masses of shoes, far more than is reasonable really, and many of them – despite being fairly ancient relics in sl terms – are nonetheless stylish, classy, desirable and most certainly, very wearable. Granted, some of the older invisiprim styles are technically ‘broken’ since the advent of ALM, but chuck out the invisiprims and swap them for a decent shoe mask and they’re as good as new.

Did i say ‘as good as new’? Maybe that should be as good as some of the new, (and not many at that), because the truth is, i don’t particularly like much of what’s on offer in the kingdom of mesh when it comes to feet. Not all of us want to totter around in six inch heels all of the time, and it’s somewhat galling to find that at the end of a long day on your virtual feet, you can’t just slide off your shoes and slip into a nice comfy pair of slippers… you have to change your blooming feet too – unless of course you really don’t mind tripping around bare-footed on tippy-toes to do the evening housework. The choice, as far as i can see, is either unflattering flats, or killer – by which i mean, ‘these shoes are killing me’ – heels, with nothing in-between. Compare that to the vast range of old-school footwear clogging my inv. and there’s just no competition.

Let’s talk about price for a moment: For the cost of a fatpack of decent everyday kitten heels, or a pair of top-notch drop dead sexy boots, i could get myself a pair of… feet. Just feet – one pair, one pose. By the time i’ve splashed out on a couple of other poses and a decent range of nail polish, designed to work with those feet, and those feet only, i’m too broke to be able to pay a pair of shoes that fit, especially since i won’t be able to wear them with anything else. Not exactly value for money, methinks. No wonder so many people sporting mesh feet seem to spend so much time barefoot – it’s nothing to do with vanity, it’s purely a case of being unable to afford the shoes to match.

Then you have all the rigmarole of matching skin colours, fiddling with HUDs and all that other stuff, all a real pain in the bum when you only want to slip on a pair of heels and go partying; all that messing about is really just too much hard work if you ask me – there’s nothing wrong with high fashion, but do we really need high drama to go with it?


Shoes can be one of life’s great joys, but sadly what’s inside isn’t always as glam as what’s on the outside. Feet can be something of an im-pedi-ment, (sorry, very bad pun!), to us walking tall, and in both lives it seems that some people will do whatever it takes to make the shoe fit… whether it’s lopping off a toe to squeeze into a pair of Jimmy Choo’s in rl, or succumbing to the lure of the mesh limb in sl – whatever the cost, it seems it’s worth it.

However, it’s not for me.

s. x

Burberry Beamer Beakheads
leaving Adidas sleek mystique reversed
Without a dream or scream between ’em
Believing time does reimburse
Johnny Boy – You Are the Generation That Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve

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