Perfect 10?

windowsIt’s coming… and the big question has to be, is it really going to be worth switching to Windows 10 once it eventually hits the shelves?

At this point, there will be a whole bunch of you smiling smugly, whilst lovingly caressing your sleek, white i-thingies and wondering why on earth the whole world doesn’t make the logical choice and allow itself to be subsumed by the all-powerful big Mac, but – trust me – it’s not yet curtains for Windows.

Windows users are a picky bunch who aren’t backward when it comes to letting Micro$oft know the score when they take their eye off the ball and manage to miss the target: Back in the day when Win 98 was pretty much a success story, managing to wean even the most diehard 3.1 fan from their beloved OS, the future looked bright… right up to the unfortunate release of Win 2000 and the equally dire, and short-lived, Millennium. The user base vented its spleen against this evil spawn of Bill Gates’ digital menagerie, and both were quietly chucked in a corner to crawl away and die under the shadow of their much vaunted successor, Windows XP. Smarting from the criticism that had surrounded its predecessors, XP had a lot to prove – and it did – indeed, so successfully that it’s still the backbone of businesses and enthusiasts worldwide even today, some six years later and with no ongoing ‘support’ from MS.

You’d think the mighty Microsofties would have learned their lesson after ME, but no! Once again they took the unusual marketing ploy of thoroughly alienating their customers, by introducing the horribly borked Vista. The customers were not amused, and demanded recompense which arrived shortly after in the form of Win 7. This was a tidy bit of software that did a lot to repair the damage, although whether it could tempt back those who had defected to Macs is hard to say. Not bothering to build on their success, MS instead elected death by ritual humiliation – seemingly forgetting that an extremely large section of their customer still own keyboards – foisting Win 8 on an unsuspecting, and unwelcoming, world – an operating system so fundamentally dire that they were forced to remove a whole bunch of ‘features’, almost immediately, before rebranding the resulting downgrade as 8.1, just to make it work properly.

windows-9Rumour has it that Win 9 was so dreadful it never even made the release… hence {tada} Windows 10!

So, are the thrice-bitten, not at all shy PC brigade going to switch, or are they going to hang on grimly to Win 7, knowing it works and works well? Until MS spilled the beans about the new OS, I’d have said that was a resounding ‘no’, but now I’m not so sure. For a start, the new kid on the block hasn’t slid down the slippery slope of being touchscreen biased like the ill-fated Win 8; then there’s the incentive of the free upgrade during the first year – that’s not to be sniffed at… there are few people really willing to shell out a million bucks, (well that’s what it feels like), on a product that may not work and to a company they don’t trust… but a freebie, that’s a different matter entirely.

Of course, from a Second Life point of view, there’s one massive inducement: HoloLens. Yep, personally speaking this is the one thing that I’ve been waiting for – 3D SL without the clunkiness of Oculus Rift and with all the convenience of still being able to interact with the real world without falling out of windows, tripping over the cat or not realising you’re being burgled whilst inworld. If it works, it will be awesome!

That itself is a huge inducement to me to want to switch – and trust me, I’m no pushover when it comes to these things – but there are other potential pluses for SL nerds too. Continuum, which perhaps doesn’t immediately suggest itself as advantageous to the average SL person, could potentially be another gamechanger… er, worldchanger. Think about it: Continuum will let you run apps designed for other platforms – tablets and smartphones – seamlessly on your desktop. That means you can run SL Go on a PC without any mucking about: super fast, ultra graphics and minimal lag – sounds attractive huh?

So, maybe Windows 10 is indeed the way forward, particularly if you’re into SL – this could be very interesting. However, let’s not throw caution to the wind, it’s early days yet and we are talking about MicroCrap… but fear not, your fearless correspondent is on the case! I shall boldly go where no resident has gone before, having acquired a copy of the Win 10 Technical Preview and installed it on a spare lappy, I fully intend to give it a proper test run, including seeing how well it works with SL and gentle readers, I shall certainly be reporting back on progress in these very pages.

Onwards and upwards!

s. x

She’s a perfect 10, but she wears a 12
Baby keep a little 2 for me
She could be sweet 16, bustin’ out at the seams
It’s still love in the first degree
The Beautiful South – Perfect 10


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5 Responses to Perfect 10?

  1. It will be interesting to see how skipping #9 will effect the every-other-version-sucks tradition.

    • That’s certainly an explanation that i’ve come across before – it’s pretty plausible too, although i’m still a little sceptical, since it’s always been the case that the real version numbers of Windows, ie. those that a developer would script their code to interrogate to determine which version of Windows was being used, have never matched the official designations. Windows 10 actually sits somewhere around Version 6.4! (As explained on the MS Developers’ Network here).

      Joking aside, i think the real reason that 9 was missed was more likely to be a case of MS trying to distance itself from 8 and having a memorable number to shout about with the new release. (Plus, of course, there’s noting like a ‘missing’ release to get the conspiracy theorists worked up… great publicity!

      Maybe one day they’ll tell us the – very likely mundane – truth!

      s. x

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