Blogging Bytes – 2nd February 2015

blindThere’s that bit in The Matrix where Morpheus tells Neo to ‘free his mind‘ – hardly the most original concept, since most religions, philosophies, free-thinkers, druggies and hippies have sought to do just that, in some way, since the dawn of time. Nevertheless, it’s a powerful and challenging proposition, which I imagine most of us have toyed with at least once in our lives.

One of the many possible approaches to freeing your mind is to allow it to be exposed to a diversity of ideas, cultures and beliefs – the broader the mind, the more capable it becomes of being freed of narrow and restrictive ideas and concepts. SL, with its incredible and eclectic mix of people can be a step in the right direction, if we allow it to be, but why look to a virtual world when we have an even greater diversity of experience to immerse ourselves in, out there in the real world?

Here’s a couple of pointers for you perhaps? Four new stories: ‘Around the World in 100 Words

s. x

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
None but ourselves can free our minds.
Playing For Change – Redemption Song

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