clothesI have way too many clothes!

Yes, you read that correctly – it wasn’t some dreadful typo – I really do have an excess of clothes in SL, by any measure you care to mention. If I was to stop acquiring clothing right now, I could probably manage to wear a new outfit every day for the next couple of years without repeating a single one – and that’s without even considering the possibilities of mixing and matching.

Do I need all those clothes? No, of course I don’t, and I’m not entirely sure where they’re coming from in the first place – I don’t make a habit of frequenting yard sales, gachas or events, neither do I spend a huge amount on clothes – I can’t afford to – whole months can go buy without me spending on a new outfit, yet still my inventory grows. It reminds me of church jumble sales where somehow ever more junk get puts into storage, ready for the next sale, than is ever originally laid out for the current one.

The difficulty lies in staying on top of the issue – thinking I’d play it clever, and with every good intention, I decided to create a ‘pending’ folder in my inventory – anything new that wasn’t pressed into immediate use would go into the folder until I had the opportunity to try it, wear it or throw it out. That worked really well… Not! Now my pending folder contains somewhere in the region of 50 sub-folders and I dread to think how many yet-to-be unpacked boxes. All I’ve done is move the problem around.

Previously, I’ve tried working on the basis of sending new items to their appropriate destination folders straight away, but that didn’t work either – the main problem being that I’d rather unpack boxes and put their contents away properly than have to fiddle round with unopened boxes, bags and containers later, when I’d really just like to slip into something more comfortable rather than mess about unpacking and sorting. Since most new sets of clothing come in boxes (and sometimes in boxes, inside boxes), finding the time there and then to unpack and sort them isn’t always practical… so it’s back to the pending folder.

wardrobeThere’s another problem with accruing ever-greater piles of unworn clothing, before long you enter into a loop of non-productivity – a self-sustaining process that tends to mean you’re never going to sort out that wardrobe, no matter how often you try. The process goes something like this:

You buy some clothes and pack them neatly in your ‘clothes awaiting trying on’ section of your inventory, promising that next time you get a spare five minutes, you’ll sort them out. Some time later, you acquire more clothing; it too is put aside for later… this happens a number of times. Finally, ‘later’ comes when you realise you now have something like 20 new outfits you’ve never unpacked. A marathon session of unpacking, trying-on, mixing and matching, sorting and storing safely away takes place and, rather pleased with yourself, after a couple of hours’ work, you’ve got through about half the outstanding outfits. Next time, you’ll finish the lot, you promise yourself. Some time later, you buy some new clothes… rinse, repeat and so on. In a relatively short space of time you’ve acquired so much new clothing that the mere sight of that bulging folder sends you into a cold sweat, you put off the inevitable, again and again… once you’ve reached this point, it’s too late, you’re stuck with all that mess in perpetuity!

Or, in simple terms – the more boxes you have, the less chance there is they’ll ever be unpacked, let alone their contents worn. [Seren’s 6th Law of SL].

I can’t recommend this approach – although sadly, it seems to be the natural order of SL things. Resistance is futile!

It seems such a short time ago that I was proud to boast an inventory of fewer than 10,000 items, now it’s four times bulkier, and a good 10% of that is represented by clothing that I’ve yet to get around to sorting out. It seems I’m faced with a choice – bite the bullet and get sorting, or consign the whole lot to the nearest jumble sale. There is, of course, a third option: maintain the status quo, and leave things just as they are… I’ll get around to it sometime.

Not that I’d ever choose that option, of course…

s. x

And what becomes of you my love
When they have finally stripped you of
The handbags and the gladrags
That your grandad had to sweat, so you could buy
Manfred Mann – Handbags & Gladrags

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3 Responses to Jumble

  1. Matt says:

    Just keep calm and back away, avoid looking at the folder.

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