Blogging Bytes – 9th April 2015

escI’ve said it myself, and heard many others say it too: SL is a means of escaping from the real world… But, is the real world all that bad, after all?

It’s been a bright, sunny day, those around me have been in a happy mood and I’ve achieved all I’ve set out to do. Typing away here, listening to the birds as they settle down for the night, as the sunset streaks the sky, now turning inky blue, with vivid flame and cerise, I can’t helping thinking it’s not all that bad, after all.

And there’s an awful lot of world out there that’s probably not all that bad either. I really must try harder to experience more of it.

In the meantime, here are three more travels in wordistry:

Around the World in 100 Words.

s. x

All you fellas better change your ways
Yeah, they’re leaving this town in a matter of days
Girls are good, you better treat ’em true
I seen fellas running around with someone new
The Byrds – Leaving Here


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