It is but a dream…

dreamsJust lately, that feeling has been coming over me, a feeling I seem to get around this time every year. It’s a sort of despondent, wistful, lethargy – as the Springtime world comes back to life around me, I fall into a soporific stupor, convinced I should be ‘doing something’, but completely failing to manage it; downtime becomes uninspired, lacklustre and dull. And it’s intensely irritating.

I hate being inactive and indecisive, yet for some reason it always happens about now, however in recent years there’s been one thought, quietly loitering at the back of my mind, which starts to push its way to the fore when all else is succumbing to that feeling of flatness… a thought that says: ‘It feels like it could almost be time to start working on the SL birthday celebrations’. Just as the trees know exactly the right time to burst into leaf, and the swallows know precisely when they should start their journey back in whatever direction it is they fly in the Spring, there’s an unconscious and and completely unexplainable part of my brain that kicks into gear at a precise moment, and says: “It’s time!”

bench4_001Sure enough, within just a couple of days of the thought occurring to me, a pre-announcement announcement pinged onto my screen: ‘It’s coming… watch this space’ – the timing was almost uncanny, and it came at a point when I most needed that particular snippet of news.

I’d been kicking my heels for weeks, unsure of how to fill my SL time… building something seemed the obvious solution, but what should I build? Now, at least, I knew that decision would be taken from me – all I had to do was wait for the theme to be announced, and it would all systems go! That’s when I go from zero to hero: Torpor is shaken off, and the lack of inspiration vanishes – a sense of purpose and activity descends, and I feel that I’m back in the saddle, ready to do battle once more with prims, scripts and textures, in a frantic and frenzied few weeks of concentrated madness. Then there’s the suspense – did I get a plot? – the craziness of getting everything finished, followed by the fun and frolics of the Main Event itself. I love it!

So perhaps I do go a little overboard about the birthday bash – after all, there are many events that take place in SL that could be considered equally meritworthy and might well be bigger – Relay for Life, Burn2 and so on – but, to be honest, I’ve never really felt an affinity with any festival other than SLB, and so that’s where my interest lies.

goodnight1_001I do wonder whether that affinity goes deeper than I suspected though. I seem to have somewhat more in the way of synchronicity this year than ever before. Not only did my thoughts pre-empt the announcement of SL12B by no more than a couple of days, but my thought processes have been spookily in tune with the event plans. Let me explain: I rarely dream, but this Tuesday I did. My dream saw me conjuring up a birthday build that was based, coincidentally, on the theme of dreaming. Then, out of the blue, Wednesday saw the announcement that SL12B was up and running, and guess what this year’s theme is: “What dreams may come!”

Obviously, having already decided on my exhibit the night before, my application was off in a shot – bit of an unfair advantage, really – but just how freaky is that?

I’m excited about the theme – anything that combines SL, creativity and Shakespeare has got to have a wealth of potential, although with all the luscious things that the Bard penned about dreams, it strikes me as just a little bit odd that the organisers should pick one focussed on death! Ah well, we’ll just gloss over that and concentrate on the fun, shall we?

So, it’s time for me to don my overalls and start brushing up on some new techniques, whilst inworld, I’ll be spending an inordinate amount of time beavering away on my build platform in the sky, but I’ll be happy and that pesky feeling that I should be doing something, rather than moping around and letting the virtual world pass me by will be just a memory, or should that be… a half-forgotten dream?

You can find out more about SL12B at the official blog.

s. x

Won’t you please come out to play?
I’m only dreaming, I’m only dreaming
Small Faces – I’m Only Dreaming


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2 Responses to It is but a dream…

  1. Paypabak Writer says:

    Sounds wonderful! I would also invite you to check out Medici U sometime after you have recovered from SLB12. There’s a lot of creative energy there to keep your engines running.

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