Sunday Girl

floodLast week was extraordinarily difficult and challenging one, work-wise; a week that was relentless in its demands upon me both emotionally and mentally, and was also incredibly physically draining. That, in turn, takes its toll in the evenings – i’ve been writing less, sleeping more and SL time has been all that more important: An essential escape from real life pressures. Unfortunately, the pressure is on in SL too – mainly my own fault – I’m quite a bit behind with my SL12B build, a consequence of taking my eye off the ball and allowing myself to coast, when I should have been getting properly to grips with the task in hand.

In previous years, the hard work has started even before my application for a plot has been submitted. Ever the optimist, I’ve got cracking knowing full well that it may all be for nothing. This year, however, I’ve been a bit sluggish: I started with good intentions weeks ago, got the design, planning, and a basic maquette all done and dusted well in advance, but then… I lost impetus. So it was, with a sudden feeling of impending doom, I realised I had only 10 days remaining to get the build finished, in place and inspected, with a vast amount of building still to do, along with all the texturing, scripting, soundscape and a myriad other tasks, none of which I’d even started. No pressure then!

With a fair wind, and a lot of hard work, I reckon I can do it, but it’s not really the way I like to work. The upshot is that I’ll have to spend far more time inworld than usual over then next few days, and when I’m not there, there’s a very good chance that my time will be filled with endless Photoshop and Audacity sessions, so I’m afraid I’ll probably be blogging less too; there’s only so many spare hours in the day.


It’s a start!

That’s why I spent a rare Saturday morning inworld. Saturdays are almost always SL free days – I tend to be out of circulation for most of the day anyway, and I made a promise to myself that SL wouldn’t become an excuse for me to become a complete hermit – as tends to be the case during the rest of the week – and to that end, I avoid the lure of SL and spend some time in the real world instead. As for Sundays, well that’s a different matter altogether.

Sunday is my down-time day. My indulge myself day, a day of R&R, taking things easy and generally doing my own thing, when and how I feel like doing it. There’s only one chore I’ll ever consider on a Sunday – the ironing – but, once that’s out of the way, the whole of the rest of the day is mine, all mine. Sometimes that’ll include spending time inworld, but it’s not essential; I may choose to watch a movie or two instead, do a spot of writing or just relax, doing nothing in particular. Thank goodness for a day when I’m doing nothing of note, because this week it was an ideal opportunity to give myself a kick up the butt, get inworld, and catch up on some of the building I’ve been neglecting.

And so it transpired that the best laid plans can indeed often go awry: On this occasion, I’d planned to get the ironing sorted, then get stuck in to my build. Out came the ironing board, on went the kettle… and that was when I heard the sound of running water.

“That’s odd”, I thought to myself, “Where’s that coming from?” ; I didn’t have to wait long to find out, as moments later torrents of water started pouring through my ceiling! It was one of those ‘oh sh*t’ moments – you can see what’s happening, but there’s absolutely sod all you can do about it, other than to frantically try to clear away anything salvageable from the deluge. The culprit turned out to be the plumbing in the apartment above me, which, inconveniently, had decided to fail whilst its owner slept, blissfully unaware that his accommodation was now a swimming pool, whilst I was more than aware. Lucky me!

These unfortunate real world events, as you might imagine, put paid to all my carefully laid out plans, leaving me – if you’ll excuse the pun – somewhat washed up. Well, there’s always tomorrow, I suppose? (Although, I dare say, a big chunk of any time I might have had at my disposal is now going to be taken up with insurance claims, electrician’s visits and sorting out the mess, it never rains eh?).

So, please forgive me if my posts are a little sparse over the next couple of weeks – I shall be juggling my time between priorities, and hopefully making some order out of the chaos that seems to suddenly have beset me in both RL and SL. Let’s just hope it’s worth it!

s. x

She can’t catch up with the working crowd
The weekend mood and she’s feeling proud
Live in dreams, Sunday Girl
Blondie – Sunday Girl

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2 Responses to Sunday Girl

  1. Ever Afterr says:

    Best of luck with the claims and repairs! Will be crossing my fingers that all goes well for you. 🙂

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