Blogging Bytes: 17th June 2015

fearThere are times – quite frequently, in fact – when I’ll begin writing a piece without knowing where I’m going. Small details, such as subject matter, content and conclusion may be entirely missing when I start, only becoming known to me as I’m writing. It’s a weird way of doing things, but occasionally it seems to work.

Structured writing is of course important, particularly to the reader. There are few things more irritating when reading a blog piece than to have little idea of what the writer’s intent is – hopefully, that doesn’t happen too often in these pages! However, because it can be in my nature to be awkward and obstructive, there will be times when I’m deliberately annoying, simply because it’s fun. It’s the same sort of writer’s mentality that leaves a cliffhanger at the end of a novel, forcing the reader to wait months – maybe longer – before the conclusion is revealed in the next one, (supposing the author doesn’t die first!). It’s that latent evil streak, usually hidden away, forcing itself to the surface… the earworm that you can’t shift from your head… that nagging feeling there’s something important you’ve forgotten to do… the kid kicking the back of your seat on the bus.

On this occasion, both came together – I had no idea what to write, but as it unfolded, I just knew it was going to be intensely annoying to some people.

You might be those people.

Alt. life: Hargrove

Sorry 🙂

s. x

While all the windows stare ahead
And the streets are filled with dread
Every nation in the world
Slinks through the alley after girls
The Clash – City Of The Dead

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