hatToday I made the foolish mistake of trusting the weather forecast. What was supposed to be a dry and slightly overcast day actually turned out to be a deluge of biblical proportions! Not that there was any hint of it until lunchtime, when the heavens decided to open. There’s something peculiarly masochistic about spending an afternoon looking at the rain hammering down outside in the knowledge that at some point you’re facing the prospect of walking home in it. Leaving the car at home may be the best thing for the environment, but I’m not sure that the environment is always doing the best thing for me!

I’ve nothing against the rain – I quite enjoy it, in fact, but as I’ve written previously, I have very different feelings when it comes to umbrellas.

My solution is to wear a hat, only thanks to the wildly inaccurate forecast, my hat was still at home – a bit of a hatastrophe under the circumstances. When I say ‘hat’ it should really be in the plural… I have many hats, suitable for almost every occasion, more hats, in fact, than shoes.

route66_001My penchant for hats is mirrored in SL – I have an extraordinary collection of hats in my inv., everything from top hats and formal millinery, to military caps, beanies and wild and wacky headwear. Quite how I’ve managed to amass such a wide and varied collection defeats analysis, but it’s a harmless pleasure and – more importantly – I get endless enjoyment from indulging myself in my little fetish, to an extent I certainly couldn’t afford in RL.

There are some distinct advantages that virtual hats have over their real world equivalents too. To begin with, I could never hope to ever be able to afford most of the real versions of much of my collection, neither would I have the space to keep them! They’re more practical too… Anyone who’s ever fought to keep their headwear – and their dignity – whilst battling a gusting wind can’t fail to appreciate the benefits of a virtual hat; neither are you likely to leave one on the train, under a cafe table, or for that matter at home when it’s pouring with rain and you don’t have an umbrella to hand!

steam6_001However, to my mind, the best thing about virtual hats, whether they be a fashionable fedora or a frivolous, feathered frippery, is that they are just a whole lot of fun to wear. You don’t need to be a rancher to slip on a stetson, a businessman to wear a bowler, or a screen icon to sport a Panama; whatever the occasion or the weather, there’s an SL style to suit… and why shouldn’t you?

Hats in the real world have, in the main, become a triumph of function over fashion – we’re more likely to sport one in the modern world for purely practical purposes than for fun, and I think that’s a great shame – inworld, where the functional nature of any headwear is pretty limited, there’s absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t celebrate hats in all their glory, and with the endless possibilities that the virtual milliner has at their disposal, some of the creations we can find would put the most daring Ascot attendee to shame.

So much creativity in SL is expended upon our crowning glory: the mind-boggling variety of hair and hair styles – a ridiculous amount, if you ask me – getting on for 200,000 items on the Marketplace alone, that I can’t help feeling that there’s more than enough room for a few more jewels to top that crown… and what better way that a nifty titfer?


s. x

Your trouser cuffs are dirty
And your shoes are laced up wrong
You’d better take off your homburg
‘Cause your overcoat is too long
Procul Harum – Homburg

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