Conflict and betrayal in a virtual world

argueI’m frequently both bemused and fascinated by the depth of feeling that ordinary, everyday SL people seem to be able to draw upon concerning matters that really don’t concern them, and to which – at best – they are but a casual observer. A trawl through the comments sections of many of the most popular blogs, forum posts and SL related social media platforms reveals a plethora of concerned citizens getting their knickers in a twist over things that any rational person would consider uninteresting, un-noteworthy and barely meriting the time of day. Yet debates rage constantly, almost completely based on supposition and unwarranted assumptions and couched in belligerent, confrontational – occasionally libellous – and usually downright rude terms, with their progenitors taking a moral high ground stance that is, almost without exception, completely ill-advised.

A huge amount of this venting of spleenage takes place around the SL fashion industry – occasionally between rival designers, but more often it is the product of the puerile ranting of the great unwashed. People who frequently have no knowledge, insight or understanding of what they are attempting to argue, but do so anyway. It’s great fun to watch from the sidelines, but it does get a bit wearing after a bit and makes one wonder whether these people have a life outside their own tiny self-manufactured understanding of the world, virtual or otherwise.

bin_001The real irony is that these kind of backstabbing crusades will drag on for pages and pages, over the course of weeks, with every entitled wannabe jumping on the bandwagon to heap on their own worthless contribution, when anybody with an ounce of common sense could end the conversation with a few, simple, well-observed and insightful words before the conversation could even gain momentum. Such people, alas, appear to be in short supply in the wider SL metasphere, and even when they do stick their head above the parapet and speak out, they tend to be completely ignored. Which is – in my opinion – a huge shame, and one of the reasons that I personally steer well clear of such situations.

But, sometimes, we just have to vent!

So, here goes… The words I’ve always wanted to say when an SL witch hunt is underway, but held my tongue instead:

The argument: HairCreator Resident is ripping us off, (or shoes, or clothing, or whatever happens to be flavour of the month), they’re selling exactly the same hair they sold last year only with the addition of a ribbon. These evil designers are not worth my spit, they should be making uniquely unique styles every day of their lives.

My response: Shut up. No-one’s forcing you to buy it.

The argument: Designer Resident hasn’t released anything new for a whole month. What sort of shoddy customer service is this? I demand they pander to my every whim constantly.

My response: Shut up. Make your own if you’re that needy.

The argument: Designs Я Us is a copyright thief! They blatantly stole an idea off someone on Etsy who made something that looks a bit similar. They should be sued to death! Designers should only make things that no-one has ever thought of before and are completely original – being inspired by something from real life should never be allowed.

My response: Wow, and I was thinking SL was virtual reality, not virtually impossible.

The argument: Avatar Resident is a freaking cow and they have no idea what customer service is. They refused to make a custom colour/shape/complete outfit for me, for free, and when I complained, and smeared their name all over the internet, they banned me! BANNED ME! Bitch!

My response: Muted. Banned.

The argument: As always Doctor8/The Facade/GatchaByTheBalls/(insert own ‘event’ pet hate here), are a complete ripoff. Same old designers, same old trash, bribery, corruption – it’s a complete scandal.

My response: So, don’t go.

The argument: 3 billion lindens I spent on Oneborneveryminute’s gatchas and all I got was the same poxy t-shirt 17 times and only 3 rares. It shouldn’t be allowed – gatcha owners should be forced to give out rares every single go.

My response: Two things… First, look up ‘rare’ in a dictionary. Second, you have a gambling problem – get help.

These are just a few of the pointless, mind-numbingly provocative arguments I’ve seen in the past month, and all of them have rumbled on, comment after ill-informed inflatory comment, without anybody once considering the facts. In every case, I think my response is more than sufficient and would save a vast amount of wasted time, energy and bandwidth.

But, then again I keep forgetting – this is SL, and this is what we folks do for fun.

s. x

Don’t give us none of your aggravation
We had it with your discipline
Saturday night’s alright for fighting
Get a little action in
Elton John – Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting

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