Off the Grid

offlineBarring death, disaster or damaged hard drives, perhaps one of the worst things to befall an SL blogger is to lose internet access. A well-prepared bloggist will generally have a stockpile of posts prepared for the eventuality that SL is inaccessible, and even in the absence of that foresight, it’s perfectly possible to write reams about SL without ever logging in – heck some people have managed it for years! Things become a little more complicated though if there’s no internet at all: Our well-prepared blogger, provided they know how long access will be denied, will schedule regular posts for publication, prior to going offline, happy in the knowledge that the magic of the internet will continue to send forth their missives, even if they themselves are absent… However, things don’t always pan out that way.

Yours Truly would fall into the category of well-prepared, with good intentions, but not terribly good at following things through. There’s a good stockpile of posts laid up, ready for publication, but all the hard work involved in preparing, checking, proofreading and scheduling a number of posts in advance is not something I’d relish. Generally I’ll throw together a post, add some pictures and then let it ferment and mature for a few weeks, before being dragged kicking and screaming back into the light of day, for a final thorough going-over and checking, just before publication. Such a methodology isn’t helpful when it comes to dealing with interruptions in service.

And an interruption in service is, I’m afraid, looming on the horizon.

It will not have escaped your notice that in the real world I’m upping sticks and relocating, and that will, I’m afraid, mean that I’ll lose my internet connection until 3rd November. Whilst not insurmountable, it’s flipping inconvenient and will curtail my online activities severely. The biggest, and most obvious, drawback is that my inworld presence is going to be drastically limited – rest assured, you won’t be able to keep me out entirely – I’ll be logging on via Lumiya when I need to, but the thought of coping with SL on a 4 inch screen gives me the heebie-jeebies, not to mention I’m going to have to be very careful on the data usage front. Similarly, I don’t particularly want to go down the route of buying a dongle – I’ve had enough expense with this move already, and it’s not going to be sufficient for my needs.

ghosttrain_001So, that’s it as far as getting inworld: Essential activities only, and no high bandwidth activity, I’m afraid. It also means that I’ll be missing all the festivities of Hallowe’en – something that SL always seems to do particularly well. C’est la vie. Even so, prior to pulling the plug, I did manage to quickly throw together this year’s Hallowe’en attraction at Nowhere Land, so please do come along and sample all the fun of the fear and take a ride on the Ghost Train! Although I should point out that it was rather a rush job and I haven’t had a chance to check everything works as it should – so there’s a good chance of disasters ocurring and it all going horribly wrong… you have been warned!

As for posting on the blog, I’m making no promises – I’ll certainly try to keep things moving, but there will be an inordinate amount of juggling between devices, during what promises to be a very busy time, both work-wise and in terms of unpacking, painting and generally dealing with the enormous variety of tasks that come as a by-product of moving home. Not the least of these will be the setting up of my new workstation, which is going to require a certain amount of tweaking and adjusting to get up to spec, and is something I certainly don’t intend to rush. So, all in all, challenging times.

However, I’m sure that the time will pass quickly and I will find the odd opportunity to pay a quick visit inworld and there will be plenty of occasions when it’ll be a blessed relief to put my feet up and get to work on a blog piece, rather than daub paint over the walls, or hump yet another box of ornaments up the stairs; so you haven’t seen the last of me, even if I am a bit quieter than usual.

So, until next time: Cheerio, and I’ll see you on the flipside!

s. x

Well, let me tell you ’bout the way she looked
The way she acts and the colour of her hair
Her voice was soft and cool
Her eyes were clear and bright
But she’s not there
The Zombies – She’s Not There

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