beatlesFunny old evening: Arrived home; put the kettle on; felt stressed; felt depressed; ate chocolate – lot’s of chocolate – no, let’s be honest… way too much chocolate; counted some animals; slumped in chair.

Put some music on – happened to be ‘Lucy In The Sky’, which naturally led to listening to a large part of the Yellow Submarine album, and thereafter the evening has turned into a veritable orgy of Beatlelisticality… Sgt. Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour, Abbey Road, Rubber Soul, Hard Day’s Night and Let It Be, (which I’ve realised is definitely my all-time, unequivocal favourite Fab Four album, ever… at least until I decide otherwise).

lennon1_001I am not, by any means, a Beatles nut – they were part of musical history long before I came on the scene, although I was aware of them from quite a young age, and sure, I like their music, and on pretty much every album there’ll be something to make me smile, dance and frequently cry, (did I mention Let It Be?), and the fact that I’ve spent an entire evening listening to John, Paul, Ringo, George and Jeremy shouldn’t be taken to mean that I favour their music above any other – that’s just the way it’s panned out tonight. However, I think I might have something of a tough job trying to persuade anyone that really is the case if you were to call into question the evidence to the contrary that SL presents.

sub2_001To begin with, I live on the Penny Lane Sim, where home is Nowhere Land and Marmalade Skies – prior to taking up residence, the parcel was the aptly-named Magical Mystery Field – a Beatles-themed homage to the band. My neighbour has created the delightfully hippy Strawberry Fields and Beatles music can often be heard forming the soundtrack to the sim. As for me, I have the distinction of being Polythene Pam – an honorary member of The Penny Lanes – a Beatles tribute group from way back in 2007, comprising Lucy In The Sky, Lovely Rita and Dear Prudence! One of the most spellbinding and moving moments I’ve ever experienced inworld was Beatles-related.

But really, I’m no super fan.

You may choose to believe otherwise based on the evidence above, but the simple fact is that a whole series of happy accidents has led to me finding myself occupying the niche in SL that I find myself in. Somewhere in the midst of this four-track, psychedelic playground of the absurd and magical, I found friendship – people who were caring and carefree, who encouraged and supported me and gave me a place to call home. We shared common interests, connections, dreams and ideals and it just seemed right to me to allow myself to fit in and build my own little extension of that ethos – and, if I’m honest, that was exactly the right thing to do. So, with a little bit of effort, and a little bit of help from my friends, my SL has become a whimsical, colourful, musical place – and surely that is fundamentally what this strange, virtual existence is all about? It’s a place of shiny fire-engines, newspaper taxis, yellow submarines and blackbirds singing in the dead of night – a place where nothing is real, and where I can go when I feel low and come together with like-minded people.

Not so bad, is it?


I think there are occasions when SL shares a synergy with the things of the real world, allowing them to take root in the virtual world in a way that seems entirely natural, and it really doesn’t matter whether it makes sense or takes you on a journey that is completely at odds with the real you, if it works what does it matter?

So no, I’m not a Beatles nut in RL… But I think SL might well convert me, given half a chance!

s. x

Images of broken light which dance before me like a million eyes
They call me on and on across the universe
Thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letter box
They tumble blindly as they make their way across the universe
The Beatles – Across The Universe


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4 Responses to Beatlemania

  1. Paypabak Writer says:

    An avatar named Paypabak Writer is going to be drawn to such a place of coures. What wonderful friends I’ve made with you and Jellie and Shauna, of course, who pretty much got the ball rolling on that sim. I would add that her Mod clothing line also harkens back to the styles of those times. An homage doesn’t need to be detail perfect and in fact the real beauty of SL is that while details can be perfected, the presence-vibe comes from the people who congregate there so that the details are superfluous.

  2. Shauna Vella says:

    This is a touching article Seren… Also what sweet comments from Paypabak Writer. I am happy to share the same little universe with you. Hugs!

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