Hairly sufficient

hairI may possibly, on occasion, have been known to utter the words “You can never have too many…”; followed by any number of possible permutations, the most likely being – shoes, hairstyles, hats, clothes, cars… and so on. I know that I’m not the only person to have subscribed to this point of view – SL being what it is, the potential for amassing vast collections of clothing and other fripperies is difficult to avoid, and many of us succumb to the philosophy that you really can’t have too much of a good thing.

Oh, but you can, as anyone who has ever tried to whip an out of control inventory into shape will know all too well. It’s a regular occurrence to find oneself immersed in one of those ‘How big is yours?’ conversations, in which participants happily brag about the colossal number of items in their inv., whilst simultaneously feeling an overwhelming feeling of guilt and shame about the bloat that lurks within those folders. Most of us know that feeling, but few of us have the courage, time or willpower to do anything about it, so our inventories continue to grow as we turn a blind eye, confident in the certain knowledge that everything we possess is essential to our virtual wellbeing.

Only, I think I may be having some sort of epiphany…

pink6_001It all started with a conversation recently amongst a group of friends, when somebody mentioned that a certain well-known hair store had a whole section of styles at just L$50 – much excitement followed, each of us making a silent promise to ourselves that at the first possible opportunity we needed to check out what was on offer. But, over the course of the next day or so, I started to question myself: Do I really need any more hair? I probably have enough to wear a different style every day of the year, and – even without looking – I know that there are a considerable number of styles languishing in the depths of my inv. that have yet to see the light of day, some of which have been waiting for, erm… years!

In my defence, it’s not simply a case of hair gluttony – I have whole collections, snapped up from closing-down sales at stores that have departed SL forever; a once in SLifetime opportunity to secure styles that are no longer available, and at prices that make for extravagant purchasing. Then there are selections of hair gleaned from specialist hunts – not exactly the sort of thing you can go back to later should the mood possess you; once they’re gone, they’re gone. And I also own a wide range of more unusual styles, not ideally suited for everyday wear, that get an airing on the odd occasions that something a little out of the ordinary is needed – so I have some excuse for the glut, although that still leaves me with a veritable warehouse full of hairstyles that I may yet to have worn, but which I’m convinced are absolutely necessary.

bench5_001It was this knowledge that made me question my motives for heading off to procure yet more follicular adornment, and I found myself coming to a rather surprising conclusion. Of course I would go along and take a look, but unless there was something particularly striking that I absolutely had to own, it was going to be a window-shopping expedition, and nothing more – which is exactly what it turned out to be. It was fun, but on this occasion I was destined to leave empty-handed and with money left unspent, and yet I felt no pangs about my decision. Yes, it is in fact possible to have enough hair!

Now, before you all rush over with thermometers to check I’m not running a fever, this doesn’t mean I never intend to procure a new head of hair again, but what it does mean is that I intend to be a lot more choosy about what I acquire and there’s going to be far less of grabbing everything that catches my eye – I shall become a far more discerning customer, and I may even start to drag those dusty old boxes out of my inv. and see whether they really do suit me!

hl7_001What is slightly more scary is that I’m starting to treat other commodities in the same way. I really do have far more clothes that I can ever wear and it’s about time that I started giving some of it an airing, rather than just letting it moulder away, never to be worn. I still love clothes shopping, but it’s become more of a mental battle to part with my cash, when I know I have unworn clothes that are every bit as good at those on the store shelves, and of course, if I do buy, there’s a very good chance that those new fripperies will be worn once, before being consigned to oblivion in the nether regions of my clothing folders! Hardly sensible, is it?

I won’t say that I’m a reformed character, but just maybe I’ve started to take a more pragmatic view of my SL accoutrements, just as I once did as a noob when I came to the realisation that an inventory chock-full of below par freebies did not represent the pinnacle of virtual haute couture… the long hours trudging around the freebie emporiums stopped, and the first of many inventory purges followed. Perhaps I’ve reached a stage of SL where wisdom has started to overcome consumerism?

But, then again, there’s always hats – and, no matter what anyone might say to the contrary, you can never have too many hats!


s. x

Why should I care
If I have to cut my hair?
I’ve got to move with the fashions
Or be outcast.
The Who – Cut My Hair


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3 Responses to Hairly sufficient

  1. Paypabak Writer says:

    This is a component of my blogging dilemma. If I wrote about it, it was okay to buy an outfit/hair/shoes/etc. knowing full well I’d probably never wear it again. Another aspect of Bloat that has come about with the advent of mesh are the number of duplicate items in size XL, L, M, S, XS and XXS plus system layers. If I wear the M, let’s say, why keep the rest? That amount of reduction in my inventory could be 20%-30% without any other decisions regarding whether I needed a particular outfit. Am I really keeping the XL in case I go on a feeding binge? Er, huh? Anyway, I like you pragmatism and desperately need to keep working on mine!

    • Yes, it’s remarkable how we can persuade ourselves that we have a valid reason to increase our wardrobe!

      It’s a really good point you make about additional mesh sizes of the same outfit – I’m no different in this respect, for some reason I feel it’s essential that I keep every size ‘just in case’. Just in case of what exactly, I have no idea: My shape hasn’t changed for 5 years now and if it ever did I can’t see myself opting for anything significantly different from the current me.

      Now you’ve made me think about it however, I toying with the idea of a compromise… box up all those alternative sizes – they’ll still be there if ever I decide to enbiggen myself, but take up a fraction of the inventory space!

      s. x

      • Paypabak Writer says:

        Or keep the original box and delete the rest. I have around 60K inventory, which isn’t hindering my SL performance, but it’s tempting just for the discipline, to see what getting rid of all those extra sizes would feel like.

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