Tipple of choice

Home_Ethiopia_Incoming_CoffeeCoffee… Nectar of the gods!  Anyone who really knows me will also know that coffee is my only vice (well, maybe not my only one, but who’s keeping score?)

Although, I’m not one of those people addicted to the magical cherry in such a way that it’s just a routine habit – it’s not the caffeine fix that floats my boat, and you certainly won’t find me loitering outside Starbucks to grab my daily dose, served up in a corporate paper cup – in fact I can think of few things worse – neither will I get through a dozen cups a day simply because I need it. My particular weakness is for very good, home-ground wherever possible, artisan coffee – black and strong – I do appreciate a really good coffee in the morning and without that small blessing, the day can seem that much longer.

starfucks_001Yesterday morning was not a good one… Up far too early to think, let alone brew up, it was around an hour later on the train that the coffee monster struck. It was going to be a long and challenging day, and the only thing that was going to kick start me was coffee. When the coffee monster wants to have his way, there’s no arguing, even though it meant sinking to the depths of something brown, unrecognisable and wet from the buffet car.

“What do you mean there’s no coffee?”

Apparently, the machine was cleaning itself – an explanation that instantly gave me the mental image of a cat licking its butt – it would be ten minutes at least before it was done, and I’d probably be better off waiting until we arrived at Swansea. After disembowelling the ‘steward’ with one of those plasticky things with holes in that you’re expected to stir your beverage with, (because no-one on the railways understands the concept of spoons), I calmly returned to my seat clasping a cup of hot water, in which dangled a small paper bag of something almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea. Not a good omen for the day ahead.

rainy10_001Much, much later, after returning home and helping myself to a large, and purely medicinal dose of chocolate, (my only vice), I caught up on the day’s blog activity, where a glance at my referrals’ stats caused me to pause. Amongst all the usual suspects that refer traffic to the blog – Google, fellow bloggists, and such like – was a bizarre interloper: A whisky review site. Curious as to why on earth I should be getting hits from something so unrelated to SL, I investigated further.

It turns out that one of my posts from last year, in which I’d included a link to that site, had decided to add a pingback in the comments section to their post and I was getting a steady stream of bemused bourbon drinkers directed here as a result. If you are one of those unfortunate and bemused cyber tourists, I do apologise – this is probably not what you were expecting!  Alternatively, I may have inadvertently succeeded in recruiting a whole swathe of whiskey swilling enthusiasts into SL!

chic1_001Would that be a bad thing?  Probably not: In that earlier post, I’d discussed that heady mix of alcohol and virtual reality and concluded that, rightly or wrongly, it’s part and parcel of virtual living. I know people in SL at both ends of the spectrum, from teetotal to drunken bum, and everything in between. I myself enjoy a glass or two of decent wine whilst SLocialising on a Friday night, (my only vice), and I offer no opinion either way – it’s your life after all. However I have to say that most evenings you’re far more likely to find me diving (not literally) into a mug of really good tea, rather than anything stronger: always proper leaf, preferably an Assam TGFOP, and carefully brewed to perfection, (my only vice).

No matter what I might be doing inworld, I’m pretty much guaranteed to have a drink of some description at my side, if nothing else, it gives an excuse to occasionally sit back in my chair, and contemplatively dangle my lips in something whilst I ponder the mysteries and big questions of virtual living… What’s it all for?; Who is Governor Linden?; Why can’t I get a hat that my hair doesn’t poke through? – It’s liquid therapy for a virtual philosopher.

Plus, it adds another layer of enjoyment to messing about in SL, and why shouldn’t I enjoy it… After all, it’s my only vice


s. x

One more cup of coffee for the road
One more cup of coffee ‘fore I go
To the valley below.
The White Stripes – One More Cup Of Coffee

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2 Responses to Tipple of choice

  1. Shauna Vella says:

    Next time we visit each other we should have coffee, tea and loads of chocolate. Since we’ll be meeting in SL harder drinks are OK for me too – like a bottle of wine or something. I won’t serve you Earl Grey because I know you don’t like that one.

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