dancers madness and s’x on staage

dancers[Inspired by this week’s blog search terms]

Second Life : dancers madness and s’x on staage
Your world : your imagination
Across a pixellated paage
See the dancers, arms entwined
Move to the music, as of one mind
An illusion of skill; it’s just a scripted thrill
Fakery and fun, but they’re fooling no-one
And on it goes, pose after pose
After pose, after pose, after pose
All is said and done
They’re not harming anyone
Madness, you say, but it’s OK
SL madness is the order of the day
We’re all crazy here
So you need never fear
The judgemental sneer
The knowing leer
The vindictive smear
We may be mad, but is that so bad
For better a mad virtual reality
Than a reality that is virtually mad
s’x on staage?
Hot sex? Hot sax? Hit six! Red sox
Everyone’s a performer, everyone’s a hit
Even the ones that are really
Pretty shit
Up on the stage; in the DJ booth
Strutting on the catwalk
Re-living imagined misspent youth
With scarlet hair and safety pin clothes
Pierced nips, pierced lips and a stud in the nose
Bikini babes and oiled up hunks
Hell’s Angel bikers and latter-day punks
The virtual world’s a staage, and we are the players
All fancy mesh clothes and alpha layers
Anything goes, without any doubt
Until that fatal moment when
We have to log out.


s. x

Will your system be alright
When you dream of home tonight
There is no message we’re receiving
Let me know, is your heart still beating?
The Killers – Human

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2 Responses to dancers madness and s’x on staage

  1. Paypabak Writer says:

    Or you crash, which still happens! Great post, Bones!

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