Merry Christmas!

christmasjuneThose of you with their fingers on the pulse, may be feeling the inclination to point out that we are now well into June and therefore at possibly the single most inappropriate time of year to be sending Christmas greetings, with half of the year already elapsed since the last one, and half of the year still remaining until the next.

You are indeed absolutely correct, however, notwithstanding the somewhat inaccurate date, my work team are getting together to enjoy our Christmas meal. Turkey and all the trimmings may not be on the menu, neither has anyone be able to find a mid year source for crackers and mistletoe, however there will be Christmas music and all the usual merry making, and a good time will be had by all.

Why, you might quite reasonably ask, are we celebrating Christmas in June? To which the answer is embarrassingly simple… We’re a small team of five people, dispersed in widely scattered geographical locations, who get on well enough to want to have a Christmas get-together, and this is the first occasion in months that we’ve been gathered in the same location long enough to achieve that simple objective!

Sometimes, whether we like it or not, the everyday business of life itself and the complexities of simply getting through the daily challenges we face can conspire to subvert any plans that we might try to make to bring some form and sense to our lives. Much of the time, we choose to simply sigh and resign ourselves to fate – accepting the inevitability of time and circumstance gaining the upper hand, with little in practical terms we can do about it. However, there will always be occasions when we will decide that failure is not an option, and sheer dogged determination and stubbornness will succeed where otherwise all else will fail… Such as the case with my belated Christmas meal.

Even so, when life is getting in the way of those things we’d rather be doing, it can be incredibly frustrating and irritating.

christmas1_001My job at the moment, and most likely right up to the end of the year, is requiring far more travel and overnight stays away from home than was ever envisaged – whoever wrote the job description stating ‘will involve some travel’ obviously confused the words ‘some’ and ‘constant’! The upshot of this is that the time I’m able to spend inworld, and consequently those things I do that are associated with SL, have been severely curtailed. Hotel WiFi tends to vary between pretty poor to non-existent, which is unhelpful and certainly not conducive to logging in. I suppose I could get myself a WiFi dongle, but that’s an additional expense, and – in any event – even when I can get a decent signal, my netbook is barely up to the task.

Quite apart from the technicalities, travelling can be tiring, and I’m starting to lose count of the number of early nights I’ve been succumbing to recently. Even when I do manage to spend time at home, there’s so much catching up to do that I find my down time, during which I’d normally log in and unwind is being steadily eroded.

However, like my Christmas meal, where there’s a will, there’s a way… But it does mean that when I do get the chance to log in, things have to be a lot more regimented and organised if I want to get everything done that I want to, and whereas before I’d frequently have the luxury of dossing about and using my inworld time unproductively, that’s not a luxury in which I’m able to indulge at present. It’s not my preferred option, but it is – at the moment – a matter of necessity.

Inevitably, I have to make some sacrifices on the virtual side of life; that’s life, I guess… Or rather, that’s SLife, and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.

But that’s my problem, not yours, so I’ll just get on with it and stop moaning for now.

And, by the way… Merry Christmas!

s. x

Oh Santa
It’s been a real hard year
There just ain’t no gettin’ around this
Life is hard
But look at me
I turned out alright
The Killers – Don’t Shoot Me Santa

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