Double Agent

Double Agents spy hint - spy trapI like to think, as most of us do, that I’m fairly unique – that there’s no-one else quite like me and I’d hope that the same principle applies in SL too. Our character, no matter how hard we might try to suppress, change or hide it, does tend to leak through into our virtual presence, setting us apart from other individuals inworld and it’s also entirely possible to customise our virtual representation to such an extent that we’re completely different from any other avatar. You might think that there are only a finite number of ways that we can modify our inworld appearance, but with what is a relatively small user base and a huge range of options, ranging from skins, shape, eyes and hair, through to clothing and AOs – for all practical purposes we can safely assume the options available to us are pretty much unlimited.

In fact, I’d say the chances of somebody replicating our inworld persona by accident, (unless of course we’re talking newbie avatars straight out of the box), are slim enough to be negligible, and even if somebody managed to capture the look and the characteristics of our avatar, to then successfully carry off the nuances and and subtle personal qualities of the person behind the avatar is another thing entirely.

Identical twins are not common in SL, neither are exact avatar duplicates, and – of course – it’s completely impossible to be logged in more than once, so there’s absolutely no chance at all that you’ll ever meet yourself.

Or is there?

A very strange thing happened to me recently – I received a message in my email inbox from the inworld visitor counter at Nowhere Land. Nothing at all strange about that, but the message it sent me was very odd indeed:

Sun 26/06/2016 00:50
The object ‘GSVT 1.5.1’ has sent you a message from Second Life:
serendipidy haven has just visited your land
 = GSVT 1.5.1 is owned by Serendipidy Haven

Erm… That’s just a little bit unnerving. To be told that I was caught visiting my inworld parcel when I was quite definitely logged out – asleep in bed, in fact – with nobody else in the house, and secure in the knowledge that absolutely nobody anywhere has access to information that would allow them to commandeer my PC or log in to SL, is both confusing and a potential worry. Although, having checked my logs, if I was inworld it certainly wasn’t on any of my devices. Curiouser and curiouser.

sunray_001I’m know that I’ve not been hacked, which only leaves me with two other possible alternatives: Either it’s a glitch with my visitor counter, or far more likely – and as I’ve suspected for quite some time – my avatar entertains a life of its own when I’m logged off.

I’ve often surmised that whilst I’m logged out of SL, going about my everyday life, my avatar gets up to all sorts of nonsense in my absence, living a life that I really have no inkling about. Who knows what fun and games might be going on inworld whilst I get on with the mundane business of daily living in the real world? I can’t help wondering what I’m missing out on – whatever it is, there’s never any trace of this extended virtual existence left as clues for me… No lindens spent, no landmarks collected, and no evidence that anything has occurred since last I logged in. It must take an enormous amount of planning and effort to ensure her secret is kept safe, but on this occasion it seems she slipped up!

So, now that I have the proof of this double, double life there really is only one logical thing to do: Create an alt and surreptitiously loiter inworld in the hope of running into myself and getting up to some mischief together!

Anyone else have suspicions that their avatars are up to monkey business when they’re not around?

s. x

Well, who are you?
I really wanna know
Tell me, who are you?
‘Cause I really wanna know
The Who – Who Are You?




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