SL: The Movie 2 (This Time It’s Personal!)

movieI’m sure we’ve all had that discussion at some time or other: If someone was foolish enough to make a movie about our lives, which actor/actress would be our performer of choice to play us?

When it comes to RL, I can’t say that it’s something I’ve given an awful lot of thought to. It’s not that my life is particularly undramatic or boring – I’m sure a good screenwriter could conjure up a fairly compelling script given sufficient time, money and a decent helping of artistic licence – but I find it difficult to visualise myself – as a real person – in the context of the big screen, and therefore I’m pretty stumped when I’m asked to consider whom I would wish to portray me in a screenplay.

However, I’ve no such qualms when it comes to SL – in fact, I quite like the idea of somebody taking my SLife and making it into an epic feature film – I’m sure it would be a box office smash, and I certainly wouldn’t be averse to living the Hollywood lifestyle! However, that does raise the question about who would I want to play the part of screen siren Seren, and there are a wealth of possibilities to choose from…

I quite fancy Kate Beckinsale, er… that came out sort of wrong, sort of. Let me rephrase: I’d like to have Kate Beck… nope, I’ll try again. Kate Beckinsale would be my number one choice to portray the virtual me, (got there in the end!). Or, if she’s not available, I think I’d plump for Charlize Theron; failing that, Rooney Mara – all of whom have played roles that I’ve secretly imagined myself in. Although, obviously, as taking on the actor’s characteristics too – what’s the point of having an imaginary persona, playing an imaginary role, if you can’t also have the looks, body and energy to accompany it? I’m sure I’m not the only one who may harbour such far-fetched fantasies – SL being the fantasy playground that it is, where regular, everyday people who in RL are regular, everyday office workers, dentists, shopkeepers, mums and rocket scientists, are more than happy to shed the encumbrances of conformity and normality and play out their fantasies in their ideal bodies, far-fetched scenarios and unlikely incarnations. Project managers become Batman, engineers take on the guise of dominatrixes, and air hostesses are free to fly without wings. Given this propensity to be who and whatever you want to be, it’s an easy leap of the imagination to identify with a film star who could slip into the role of our avatars and portray them as effectively, if not more so, than us!

I imagine there’s plenty of Morgan Freemans out there in SL land, the odd Russell Crowe or two, quite a few Marilyn Monroes, and a whole gaggle of Meg Ryans – and why ever not? These are people with whom we can readily identify, yet exist in that rarefied Nowhere Land where half the time they exist in a complete fantasy world, and the other half may as well be fantasy, for all it’s attainability, too.


So, who would play the SL you, and in what role do you see yourself?

I’d love to know.

s. x

She’s precocious, and she knows just
What it takes to make a pro blush
She got Greta Garbo’s standoff sighs
She’s got Bette Davis eyes
Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes


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